Ebay prices versus Walmart Prices

Nov 5, 2004
Noticed several side discussions in other threads about how 110's command high prices on eBay. It occurred to me that the low Wal-Mart or Academy prices for new 110's are targeted at the sweet spot of the retail market. They wanna move lots of merchandise and also draw people into the store with advertised specials. On the other hand, eBay marketing operates on a different principal. The rationale for eBay selling is that someone out there will bid extra for an item because it is exactly what they are looking for. It's the difference between selling thousands of the exact same thing versus selling one somewhat unique thing. You think? :confused:


Feb 24, 2005
I think people also get caught up in the excitent of an auction. I have seen it in live auctions and suspect that it happens on ebay as well.

And lots of people are uninformed as to the true value of things.. Along with your correct statement that they may be picking up something that is exactly waht they want. Been there done that.

One of my faults is bidding on something just because I want to win the bid. But I am getting over that, some, maybe, kinda sorta... I think there are a couple on my watch list right now......gotta go check........
Oct 30, 2005
Well, the low WallyWorld price is probably due to their lower initial cost price per unit (volume buying). I doubt if they are taking a loss on anything (unless they are getting rid of it).

ebay doesn't offer just new products, but older stuff as well. Many cognisotti (spelling?) are looking for old stuff for one reason or another.

"High prices" is subjective, but I've noticed that it is rare when an article meets or exceeds that items original MSRP. Sometimes, they may equal or exceed the "street price," though.