Ed Mehler knives?

Discussion in 'Custom & Handmade Knives' started by Mountain Mike, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Mountain Mike

    Mountain Mike

    Aug 9, 2011
    Anyone familiar with his work? I just received a stag handle Damascus lockback hunter of his for my birthday and there is not alot of info on the gentleman or his work on the Web.

  2. stabber


    Dec 6, 2004
    How bout a pic or three
  3. Mountain Mike

    Mountain Mike

    Aug 9, 2011
    I'll to get a picture posted here in the next day or two. There is no makers stamp or any markings for that matter. Just curious if anyone had any info on the maker.
  4. Zoie


    Oct 11, 2014
    Buyer Beware!!! My experience with Mr. Ed Mehler of McKinney, Texas:

    I went to a gun show in Port Arthur, Texas on September 6 and saw a person, soon identified as Ed Mehler, behind a table full of "hand made" knives. I browsed and asked him if he was the artist that handmade them. Ed confidently replied yes he was and went on to explain how all the knives on the table were made by him, hand forged, 540/550 high carbon steel pressure rolled together, heated to 2400 degrees and folded onto itself 512 times, then honed to a razor edge. He said it took him 13 days to complete the Japanese short sword Damascus blade that I was particularly drawn to. Ed gave me his card "Artistry in Steel" stating he was a former jewelry maker turned knife maker. His card misspelled Damascus (Domascus) and lists the following contact information: Artistry in Steel, Knives by Ed Mehler 214-551-2761 909 N. Graves St., McKinney, Texas 75069 email: [email protected]

    When I got home I was admiring the supposed handcrafted knife and heavy scabbard I just bought for $300.00 plus tax: "Wholesale" price down from his normal retail price of $1,000. I noticed the knife and scabbard didn't have a stamp by Ed Mehler. Doing some internet research I found it to be a stamp from a company out of New Caney, Texas called Knives Ranch. One of the owners I later corresponded with is Khawar (Havr) Naeem, Knives Ranch 20842 US Hwy 59, Suite F, New Caney, TX 77357 Ph/Fax: 832 793 5033. I called Ed Mehler on Tuesday evening Sept 9 after having conducted my internet research. Ed was so very gracious in our lengthy conversation and explained he does knife making for several companies, one of which is Knives Ranch but that I should have no concerns, he (Ed) was indeed the maker of the knife. He just had some overstock of knives and decided to sell his work, stamped with Knives Ranch, at the gun show in Port Arthur I happened to attend.

    Something didn't sit well in all that conversation and one thing leads to another and I dig around on the internet and come up with Knives Ranch contact information and began my correspondence with Mr. Naeem. https://www.knivesranch.com/ On the company website it clearly shows the process of how the knives are made with Damascus steel by artisans from Pakistan. The particular knife I bought from Ed as a handcrafted piece he reportedly made was on sale by Knives Ranch for $170.00 plus tax. I called Mr. Naeem on Sept. 10 and we spoke by telephone several times afterward, and Mr. Naeem (quite helpful and forthright) told me Ed Mehler is a knife seller for Knives Ranch and that he had previously been told to stop representing himself as the maker of Knives Ranch knives he was selling (at least those with the Knives Ranch logo stamp on them). Mr. Naeem asked me not to proceed with any legal action if I could allow them some time to connect with Ed. I allowed them time and had to call Mr. Naeem back the next day, during which Mr. Naeem assured me they spoke with Ed Mehler and that Ed would be not only giving me a call to arrange refunding all my money, but would do so post-haste.

    I waited for a call from Mr. Mehler that did not come. I had to call him and thankfully he did answer his phone each time I called. Only once during the month long ordeal to get all my money back did Ed ever call me: (I bought the knife Saturday, Sept 6 and first sent an email to him that night. We spoke by phone the following Tuesday evening. It is now Saturday, October 11 and I just received the final payment - concluding reimbursement of all I had paid).

    Bottom line for me in my experience:
    Ed Mehler repeatedly assured me he was the maker of the knife, going so far as to present me with two different business cards attesting to the veracity of his assurances at the gun show on Sept 6 before I searched the internet and then during our lengthy phone conversation Tuesday evening Sept 9 after I had discovered Knives Ranch selling a knife I had bought from Mr. Mehler.
    Mr. Naeem of Knives Ranch was forthright and helpful, however did not offer to settle the account - leaving it to me to work things out with Ed Mehler - an authorized dealer of Knives Ranch products.
    I finally got my money. I promised myself I would write my story after all things were concluded and here it is.
    Does Mr. Mehler's actions rise to the level of Texas Penal Code Section 32.42 (b) (12) Fraud - Deceptive Business Practices as a Class A Misdemeanor?

  5. D.Crawford


    Jan 15, 2008
    I just ran into this character, Ed Mehler, at a Gun & Knife Show in Sulphur Springs, Tx. It was immediately obvious that his goods were $20 "Made in Pakistan" junk but I let him give his line of "custom made" BS just to hear it myself. After listening to his "knife maker expertise" I mentioned that I was a knife maker myself. That ended our conversation. Don't be taken in by this guy. He's no knife maker.

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