EDC frame lock folder $600 budget?

Feb 10, 2016

What's a good folder for EDC with a 600 budget. I will be using this for simple EDC tasks, not hard use.

I really love the Southard Tolk, but I can't find it in stock anywhere. I just love the simplicity of the design and the blade/handle shape.

I already have: Large Sebenza 21 Micarta, Umnumzaan, Shirogorov 95 CF, ZT0562CF, Todd Begg mini bodega, Paramilitary 2.

3.25 - 4" blade
6oz max weight
Titanium Framelock
Flipper preferred, but thumb studs are fine.

No Hinderer/Strider/Reate/lionsteel/ckf, although they do make fine blades, just not my thing.

Would love to hear your thoughts, since I don't know much about the mid-tech world! :)

Thank you!!
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Why spend so much money on a blade that you are going to work with it will rough it up quite a bit
Why spend so much money on a blade that you are going to work with it will rough it up quite a bit

Because I can afford it? It's not like I'm going to be cutting down a tree with it. Just simple tasks like opening boxes, mail, light food prep etc
Because I can afford it? It's not like I'm going to be cutting down a tree with it. Just simple tasks like opening boxes, mail, light food prep etc
Yeah if i could afford it id probably do it to :) good luck on finding your new knife
Oh, that is too bad. I remember that Brad recently posted a picture of a bunch of Tolk blade on his Instagram.
So they might come back soon.
Good luck.

Les George makes a couple of framelocks that fit your specs. The VECP and Talos may be worth looking at. I've seen a couple but never owned one. I have had a couple of Three Sisters Forge Beasts. It's on the smaller side but the Gorgon is a larger TSF framelock. Those are good knives as well and both the TSF and George models will work all day with you.
Judge from your present collection, you seems to like elegance/simplicity kind of thing. I suggest you to look at

Gerry McGinnis Proline VALVE Flipper
Lucas Burnley KIHON Flipper
Microtech ANAX secondary price
CAMK Stout design
You are getting close to Rockstead territory with the 600 dollar budget. Also, I know you said no hinderer but the zt392 is a really great knife. Fantastic build and flipping action.
Wait for a Tolk. Very lightweight, flips well, also opens easily with the thumb stud, and has a very versatile blade shape. Would be a great food prep knife, or cut anything you need. Check with Southard on when the next batch is due and watch the exchange (there was one on 3/6/16, now sold). You've got enough good knives already to get by until one comes up. I edc a Tolk and love it.
The size to weight ratio is going to really limit your options... Defiant7 Hyrax fits the bill, nice looking knife IMO.
Gerry McGinnis Pro Line usually falls in that range also.

More blade = more handle/frame = more weight

Even though it's way out of my financial comfort zone, I like to window shop, if you would even up your weight to say 5.5 - 6 oz. (Considering 3.25"+ blade) you open up alot more possibility... Ferrum Forge Mordax,
4" Olamic wayfarer's come in right around 6oz. As well as a Tim Britton t10 Mongoose.
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Well, it's not a 600 dollar knife, but have you looked at the Spyderco Slysz Bowie?
I have several high end frame locks, including a regular Sebenza and a Sebenza 25, but for some reason I like the SB design better! :)
The Matt Diskin Volcan looks sweet. Right at the top end of your size requirements and budget but might be worth a look.
I'd look up the original A. G. Russell Acies. The Acies II is available now, but the blade is under your 3.25" range. The original is discontinued, but for the cash you have, you should be able to find one.

Another fine folder in the largish range though I think it may be a little bit beyond your specifications, would be the ZT 0600. Also discontinued, but easily had for under your budget. It's a beautiful knife, with exceptional build quality.

And, again discontinued, Kershaw's 3600 is by the same designer as the ZT 0600 (R. J. Martin), but a smaller knife, easily in the size/weight range you listed. It may be a bit harder to find, but would be worth the effort to find one, though the price is in the air, as far as what it might cost. Should be under $600, though.
+1 on the Brad Southard Tolk. Or ANY Brad Southard. How about a little something, something from Michael Burch?
Take a look at the CKF Morrf series. I think the Morrf 4 (all Ti and M390) is still available at FRWK. The previous versions would have to be found on the secondary market. The ergonomics are superb and the pseudo-persian, ffg blade is very versatile.
see if you can get a hold of an Emerson Iron dragon. It is a super smooth knife and has a thin profile but great ergonomics.
You might want to check out the Spartan Blades SHF (Spartan Harsey Folder). I know I plan to pick one up as soon as I can afford it. I absolutely love my Lone Wolf T2, and the SHF is the frame lock rebirth of the pattern.
For a $600 budget, you can also pick up a pair of Kizer knives and still be well under budget...

Yes, they're lower cost, and yes they're made in China, but they're also some of the nicest chinese production knives coming across the Pacific right now, without the name recognition mark up, so you can figure a $200 Kizer made in the U.S. by a known maker, is easily every bit of of a $400- 500 knife from a more established, sell known maker.
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