EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

Billy The Hungry

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Aug 11, 2020

Fat Daddy

I have a Tundra, and funny enough, I have one of those cell phone cup holders too! Haha. Mine is also black and tan inside.


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Dec 27, 2014
I was thinking about today's carry last night and got out two quite similar knives from my Russian drawer--my newest Cheburkov, the Hudson, and my Olamic Rainmaker, in that drawer along with the 247 Wayfarer on the basis of heritage. I figured I'd basically be hanging around home in my gym clothes today and could keep one in each sweatshirt pocket. Almost exactly the same length in both blade and handle, these two are both long, slender, and pointy with wicked sharp M390 edges. Both knives have long, straight, sculpted clips set dead parallel to the lockbar cutout.

The Rainmaker is flashier with both sides and clip in the blue ano'd Seabed pattern, sculpted pivot and floating backspacer both anodized gold to match the screws. The Cheburkov is subdued with media blasted gray lockside, clip, and plain tight backspacer, polished silver hardware, and a handsome, all CF show side. The Olamic has a basic Snickers Bar flat handle shape (think Sebenza 21) while the Hudson tapers toward the butt, has a nice 3D contour to it, and is noticeably thinner. The latter is considerably lighter and almost perfectly balanced at the forefinger choil, with the former butt heavy, though it feels more substantial than imbalanced. I chose the full flat grind for the thicker spear-pointed Rainmaker blade while the Hudson comes in a 3.4 mm thin, classic drop-point, high saber grind with a pronounced, tapering swedge.

Here's today's two stay-at-home carries--the same only different....