Edge 2000

Jul 17, 1999
In regards to a Nighthawk, Mr. Buck referred to "Edge 2000" as a great improvement.What is it? Do all Nighthawks have it? Mine has a great edge, assisted a little by the Sharpmaker 204, but I can't see anything special about it. Am I way off base? I have "searched" and am still unclear on this. Thanks!
You can find the information you want on the Buck Knives home page. At the top of the page open "Knife Knowhow". From this page download "How to Buy Knives". Page 6 is entitled "Edge 2000" and should provide you with a full explanation.

Hope this helps.

For some reason, I can't get the article to download (yes, I'm using adobe). I may never know.Perhaps someone will give me the condensed version here. A general idea of what the concept is would be fine!:eek:
The following is from the Buck Knives article "Edge 2000" on page 6 of "How to Buy Knives".

"This new edge is achieved by changing the included angle (the total of the angles on both sides of the blade) from a range of 35 degrees to 50 degrees to a new range of 26 degrees to 32 degrees. [note: not included in this text but illustrated on the same page, the edge geometry also includes a change which increases the width of the final sharpening grind from .03" to .04"] This range allows Buck greater flexibility to match angle of the blade to the function of the knife".

The article states that Buck Knives started producing knives with Edge 2000 in early 1999. It does not indicate how the knives manufactured with this edging process were so identified either on the box or otherwise.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Wray! That's just what I wanted to know.I'm still not sure who's at fault:me, the Buck Website, Adobe, or just who, but I'm still not able to get the download to work for me. I'll keep trying, though. Basically, the way I understand your quote, they narrowed tha angles, giving a finer grind.Mine must be one of these, as it has a very keen edge for this size knife.Thanks for your help!
Check the year code stamped on the blade just after the model#. If the code is for 1999 you have a good chance that it is Edge 2000. If the year code stamp is for 2000 or later then it almost certainly is.
Mine bears the number "650C". How do I interpret the code?I went to FAQ but didn't find the info.
The "C" is the year code for 1995 which indicates that the blade was manufactured in 1995 but not necessarily that the knife itself was manufactured in 1995. If you check the box it came in there may be some indication. Failing an indication on the box you might check with Joe Houser at Buck Knives or probably some other forum member can help you further.

To find the year codes go to the Buck Knives homepage. Open "About Buck". From that page open "Technology and Innovation". You can then open the "Tech FAQs" and will there find the table of year codes at the top of the page.
Well, with your patience and help, Wray, I have finally found everything I was looking for in the Buck Website. Thanks for everything. I intend to join the Buck Collectors'Club soon, even though I only own a few at this time.It's great to know such accommodating folks!