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Edge Pro Sharpener


Nov 16, 2000
I just ordered this sharpener (Pro Model) and was curious if any owners could pass along any tips or tricks they have learned over time.



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Sure, the first tip is "don't tell your friends you own one." During the first few months I had mine, I had as many as twenty knives at any given time on my work area every weekend. After 350 knives, I cashed out a 180 series grit, then I started asking for contributions for stones and tapes. Secondly, if a knife is about 3 to 3.5 inches long, hold the knife to the bed in a 'three-way lock-up.' That is, (1)hold the knife firmly, but not too tight against the edge of the bed and the knife's handle or opening stud, (2)the spine firmly against the adjustable slding lock, and (3)press the flat of the knife down against the bed with your thumb. If the knife is rigid, don't slide it as in the video instructions, just leave it in this one place. Go lightly, work a burr evenly until the rasping sound drops to a soft whisper and the 'drag' against the stone feels uniform. After the finest stone has been used, strop to remove any wire edge. Then go back to the Edge-Pro with the polishing tapes, but press lightly! The tapes can be cut easily! But the best advice is to NOT GET SNOOTY. Other knuts don't know what a really sharp knife is, so be humble, and don't brag...--OKG
Here's two other tips I've picked up on since owning my Edge Pro:

1. Rather than squirting the stones with the small bottle that's provided, I keep a small, water filled tupperware container with a small rag in it, right next to the sharpener. After every so many strokes I swing the stone out to the side (over the bowl) and remove the swarf from the stone with the soaked rag. No big deal, just a little less messy.

2. I recently posted about how if you remove the small brass colored spacer just below the removeable ball shaped handle, the jaws will expand wide enough to hold one of the triangular ceramic hones (tip down) from a Sypderco Sharpmaker. This is an easy way to sharpen blades with tight recurves.

Get ready to start taking your edges to the next level!

Semper Fi