Edge Thickness

Oct 25, 1998
I would like to hear some views on edge thickness.

I would like to keep discussion to three types of knives. The slicer, this one is only used for cutting soft materials (like food). The utility knife, this is the everyday knife. And the heavy knife, used for heavy cutting and chopping.

The slicer in my knife collection has to be my GT Mini Auto. The edge on this knife is around 0.01 inch thick. The thin edge on the GT cuts with ease and even though it shave hair it still cuts well. I use this knife for opening letters, packages, and cut my cigars with it.

My everyday knife is my Random Task. Edge thickness is about 0.03
inch thick. I use the Random Task whenever I think the martial to be cut might damage the edge on my GT Mini. Or when someone wants to borrow a knife. I feel the GT edge is to thin for someone that does not already carry a knife.

My big knife is an Ontario Sec Plus Bolo. I don't remember edge thickness on this one, but I think it is around 0.05 inch thick.
I take this one with me when I go hunting. It chops and splits wood very well. Plus it works very well in breaking down a hog, to
be packed out. And its cheap, so if I ever lose it, its easily replaced.

I do have a knife with a tapering(for lack of better name) edge thickness. My Benchmade Ascent. The thickness starts at 0.05 inch thick, one half inch from the tip, and tapers to 0.03 inch thick at the base of the blade. I love this knife for gardening. I don't worry about the tip if I have to dig a little. The thin part of the edge cuts twine and opens heavy bags with ease.

Well enough of me(I know, you are thinking the same).
What are your opinions on how thick an edge should be?

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