Edge Works / Kydex Sheaths

Oct 31, 1998
I just received an All-Way Jump Sheath from Edge Works Manufacturing Company for my Randall #14.I liked the leather sheath's Randalls come with,but I wanted something more functional and resistant to the elements.I also hated to store my knife out of the sheath because of the leather acids getting on the blade.I must say I'am very impressed with the quality of the Edge Works sheath and at $24.95 plus shipping ya can't beat it especially with this quality.The All-Way sheath will fit a blade up too 7 1/2 inches long.The knife fit just perfectly and snug in the sheath.It has two securement straps that very snuggly retain the knife, one around the handle and one over the hilt.I recommend anybody that is looking to replace their current knife sheath to take a look at Edge Works Products.