EdgePal Sharpening System

To learn something, and learn it perfect, takes 7 years to do.[/B]

The learning is in three parts:
1: understanding (Take three years to reach)
2: knowledge, (take 2 years to reach)
3: understanding of knowledge, (take 2 years to reach).

The problem is that when a person is in the end of part 1, the understanding, he knew so little - that he thinks he knew everything.

If you do not believe what I have written above, at least think about it for a while.
Ask some questions around you. How many years of study do a doctor need to be a doctor? A lawyer? A carpenter?

Or, do you stop after three years of learning (many people do).
Think about this also.
In witch age happens the most deadly car accidents?
When do a new director of a company (or a company board) make the most stupid decisions?
When do teenagers start the revolution at home with their own decisions?

You still do not believe this?
Think about it, you have just read this, it take you two minutes to read it, this was the first 2 minutes off the three years to reach understanding…