Jan 29, 2001
I just recently brought a Emerson Commander which recommanded a 25 an 30 degree angle for sharpening.
I have been looking at both of these sharpening systems and seems like only the edgepro has the right angle. But I heard its kind of messy using edgepro and the scratch problem that it has. Is there any suggestions on what other system (except bench stone) that I can get ? ( at a reasonable price )
Any help would be greatly appreciated !
I have both. The Sharpmaker isn't bad, but the Apex (well, actually I have the Pro model but apparently the functionality is almost the same) is the absolute heaven.
Scratches may be a problem if you don't watch out for it. I just often wipe the blade support. Putting some painter's tape on it helps too.

I'd say if you want to sharpen your knives easily and really well, get Apex.

Get Both. I use my Edge Pro for serious sharpening and my Sharpmaker for touch up's after use.

Do a search on Edge Pro and you will find very good info eg. I remember someone posting that he used his Sharpmaker stones clamped in the Edge pro system for recurve blade sharpening.
Once you get used to Edge-Pro ther ewill be no mess & scratches
For scratches the easy solution is the tape on the blade. About the mess, I donno, rinse stones during the sharpening process & you'll be fine.
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I have spyderco sharpmaker too, but IMHO those 2 serve different purposes. Like many I use it for touchup and mostly for my kitchen knives.
P.S. And those polishing tapes are much easier to clean with an eraser when wet

Have Fun,
Getting both really is the best answer for the reasons mentioned above; the Sharpmaker excels at quick touch-ups, while the Apex is outstanding for (slightly less quick) touch-ups, serious resharpenings and all reprofiling duty.

I don't encounter too many problems with my Apex scratching blades, but I do keep a roll of blue painter's masking tape in my Apex carry bag just to be on the safe side when sharpening mirror polish blades.

The "mess" associated with the Apex can be largely avoided by keeping a small piece of old terry cloth towel sitting in a small tupperware bowl with about 1/3" of water in the bottom. Just swing the arm over to the side and swipe the bottom of the stone with the saturated towel and the swarf is easily removed without having water drip all over the place.

As Deon correctly pointed out, if you remove the brash tube between the Apex handle knob and the outboard clamp, the jaws will open wide enough to accomodate a Sharpmaker triangular hone. This arrangement makes short work of sharpening recurves.

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See where I'm going with this?

As far as the scratches go, they come not from the stones contacting the blade, but from the slurry (water and bits of stone). The blade bed gets slurry on it, the blade sits on top of the bed and as you move the knife the slurry underneath scratches it. The solution is to tape the blade.

BTW, I've used the Apex and Pro to sharpen my Commander no problem.