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EdgeWorks' All Way sheath

Oct 12, 1998
Does anyone know how thick a blade can be to fit in the All Way sheath?
Or better yet, is there a list of production knives that fit the all way sheath well?
I was thinking that the all way sheath could allow me to carry my "older" knives in my collection, such as:
CS, Tanto
Boker, Applegate fairbairn
CS, Recon Tanto
Gerber, Mark II
Chris Reeve, Mark IV
As a point of reference, the All-Way is a perfect fit for the Ka-Bar marine fighting knife. Hopefully using this as a starting point you can figure the give and takes. The thing to look out for is if the blade is curved, the full arc of the curve would have to fit the cavity width. Also thickness of blade would have to be >= 1/4". From 3/16" to 1/4" would be a variance I suspect. The positive retention of the All-Way is found in the pressure grooves(?) running down the front. This locks several blade sizes nicely.
The dimensions are at http://www.tacticalholsters.com/allway.htm I am sorry I don't know about the knife types but there are alot of knives out there.