EDI Fan Letter

Oct 5, 1998
I just wanted to thank EDI and Will Fennell in a public way for really caring. I sent back my early Genesis for upgrading to the newer bronze washers. It took a while to get there, and at one point a new, incorrect model was sent to me. At any rate, the bottom line is that the president of the company called me back, promptly, on three different occasions, with complete information and explanations. In contrast, I have sent Spyderco and Kershaw email to which they never responded. I sent a Kershaw mini-Task back because of excessive blade wiggle and a stripped pivot screw- it took three weeks to come back to me and was just as bad as when I sent it. I called them right back- that phone call was never returned. I gave the knife back to the dealer for credit. At any rate, I have a very nice Genesis now that opens as slickly as everyone says. The blade isn't exactly centered. I think I can live with it, but I know that Mr. Fennell will take care of it if I decide I can't.

take your knife in the open position and flex the blade sideways towards the liner it favors.
This will adjust the bend and center the blade.

This is how all the factories adjust.

A liner lock can bend and get knocked out of adjustment if you sit on it!
I've been browsing this forum for the past couple of weeks now and was so impressed with knife reviews and Mr. Fennell's customer service that I decided to order one of his knives. I has been over a week since I ordered it and my wife is starting to call me "charlie brown" due to the way I rush to check the mail and get so depressed when my new knife isn't there.
I'm with RT. I had pretty much settled on an AFCK as a general-purpose carry, but I'm holding off till I handle a Genesis. That level of support is a real plus in anyone's book--add it to a great product and it's a sure winner.

As many have undoubtedly read, I'm a very happy EDI customer. I bought both an AFCK in M2 and the Genesis I at the same time. Ended up selling the AFCK...the EDI is that good, not to mention Will Fennell and Michael Collins support!!

For my money, getting an EDI Genesis I is a "can't miss" proposition.

Many thanks to Anthony Lombardo for the excellent tip on centering a liner lock.
My BM Sentinel was favoring one side since I got it. Now this happens no more.

(Sorry for the off topic post...)
just got my genesis today and I am very impressed with craftsmanship. Smooth opening and fine overall quality. Keep em coming EDI!