EDI Genesis I

Oct 3, 1998
This mini-review is in two parts: the folder itself and the company who designed and manufacturered it.

Will Fennell and Michael Collins comprise the marketing and design talent behind this product. A new small company that has rapidly established itself as placing customer satisfaction on a plateau equal to their commitment to quality of materials and functionality in their products.

My Genesis I was among the very first made. The specs on this liner lock can be found on the EDI homepage along with pix so I won't repeat them here. Suffice it to say that the 3.9" ATS-34 blade and 6 layer G10 scales make for an attractive and functional knife. The unique features the Genesis I sports include a hole drilled lightened clip which is mounted so that the entire knife disappears in your pocket. The liner lock design and materials result in a solid secure lockup with the last 3/16 of inch travel in both opening and closing mechanically being drawn to a solid "thunk" lock. This is by virtue of the bronze alloy washers and ball detent and raceway cut. It is smoother and as solid as custom liner locks I own or have played with costing 3 or more times the ticket of this model.
I had bought a Benchmade AFCK in M2 at the same time and after a tad over a month of evaluating sold the AFCK and made the Genesis I my daily carry liner lock. It's that good!

Mine was is a plain non-coated bead-blasted blade that was originally outfitted with nylon washers. Will had me return the knife to Michael for a free upgrade and adjustment. My thumb studs were one of three known units that developed rotation after extended use. They were apparently secured at other than the lowest interface point... this has been corrected on all later production. The newer bronze alloy washers working with the oversized pivot bearing provide one of the smoothest and slickest actions in a liner-lock I've ever experienced. Smooth and solid says it all. And the blade is hand sharpened to a hair popping edge when delivered.

I've been extremely pleased with both the knife's performance and design features as well as the commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction that Will and Michael have demonstrated.

If you're in the market for a high-tech liner-lock, you owe it to yourself to check this model out. My highest recommendation!


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oops...double post...anyways, since their first model is called "Genesis 1" will a Genesis 2 be available? I'm guessing it'll be a smaller version..


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yup, i totally agree...the EDI is an excellent knife! The only minor problem Ive had is spotting on the blade...but that will not effect performance..


ATS-34 especially when bead blasted has that tendancy I'm told. Will has been asked about a smaller knife and versions with other alloys. He's indicated that he needs to catch up with demand for the "I" first before tackling those decisions. Last I heard they had backorders for better than 2000 units at the factory. That tells me his first knife is a resounding success!


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Sounds like quite a functional knife, thanks for the information.