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EDI Genesis

Sep 10, 1999
Anyone have an opinion on tool steels verses
good stainless ones? (i.e. ATS-34 vs A-2)
Do the blackening proceedures EDI & BM do to their knives last, or do the knives need to be oiled every 5 minutes after a month passes by? Who knows something about talonite??
Also, does anyone own a genesis? What do you think of it? Take care.
My own Genesis will be here soon (thanx to Copfish). But I have used one enuff to tell you it's a great knife. Never had a problem with it, and recommend it. I haven't had the black come off the one I've used, and I do medium tasks with it; meaning I use it and don't baby it, but don't toss it around and run it over, or anything wild like that.
Mine got here, here is some more details.

The clip can be put on either side, and rides really low. Clip on this knife is a 10 (10 being best). I have it as my left handed knife and put the clip on the left side (left side from the looking at the spine of the blade). There isn't much of a thumb pivot to really hold it while stabbing something, so it's stabbing abilities are about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Blade si black ti coat, plain version. I like this blade plain better, because I found the serrations on the serrated version to be ok at best. The plain blade is really good though. It's made of ATS-34. Not too thick, only 1/8. Feels thin compared to my Cuda. The blade is durable, but it's not a real beater knife (thou a lot of folders aren't). Blae overall I give a 7 1/2. It'd be a good filet knife, it looks like one to me at least.
The linear lock on it I didn't put through a serios workout (I never do with any folders, don't use em for anything heavy enough that would break em - and I don't wanan break it)
I whacked it 4 times across a 2X4 - decent whacks, last one full force, and it held.
It held, it gets a 10.
Overall, I like this knife. I've liked it for a while. Worth buying? I would say so.
I like my Cuda better still (has serations) but this knife will be my left hand knife over my Benchmade Stryker.
I have a coated, plain edge Genesis. I like it quite a bit. I can't speak about the the coating on Benchmade knives, but the EDI coating isn't teflon like BM's coating -- its a Titanium-Aluminum Nitride. This means it is harder than the steel its coating. Mine has held up very well and has not scratched at all, although I'm pretty careful not to use it on things with grit or sand on them.

In short, if it scratches the TiAlNi coating, it would have scratched the steel, but just because something would scratch steel doesn't mean it will necessarily scratch the coating.

Hope this is useful to you.