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EDI Gensis

Jan 7, 1999
Does anybody have an EDI Gensis for sale? Would prefer comboedge but take a plain edge.
just let me know what you have
You might want to try <a href="http://www.edgy-tools.com">Edgy-Tools</a> in Fayetville, NC. The owner is a buddy of mine and sells EDI. Call (910) 423-1320 (anytime after 7pm) and ask for Phil. He can hook you up with one.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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I believe we have all the models in stock except for the plain edge in the black finished blade. Take care.


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Dead....check with Bruce Bullman at Bullman Cutlery www.bullmancutlery.com/ I think his bead blasted blades are around $100. Excellent buy and great customer service. This is a sweet knife, and it's my daily carry. The other advantage is that Will Fennel of EDI knives stands strongly behind this knife in case anything every goes wrong with it.
Good luck!



Hey Dead - it's good to see another Charlotte guy around here. Welcome to the forums.

If you're interested in a bead blasted plain-edge, Bill Richardson at The Knife Shop in Ft. Mill has plenty in stock. It's just a few miles across the state line down I-77. The Genesis was going for $115. Bill's a great guy, and it's good to support a local dealer if you have the chance. Give him a call at 1-803-548-6339.

Hope this helps.


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I'll second the recommendation for Phil at Edgy-Tools.com. I've bought a few knives from him and always have received great service.