EDI's Genesis Folder


Oct 6, 1998
Hi, like others, I've been drooling over the EDI Genesis. (A scan is at http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/edi/menu.html)

I'm considering getting this knife for my Xmas present to myself, and am wondering if anyone has this knife, has seen it at shows. What's your impression vis-a-vis the Benchmade AFCK, and what does the handle feel like? It seems a little too large, but that's not always a negative.
The KnifeCenter.Com place has a comparison of the BM AFCK and the EDI Genesis. I'm not sure tho
Change the upper right hand area of your screen from topics posted last 10 days to something greater.... there are numerous threads about the genesis starting 10-4-98. Also the search function works great.
All the answers to your questions and more (like manufacturer's support) are addressed in detail.
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT listen to Bob! He doesn't know anything about knives, and secretly HATES the Genesis.

I went down to Brigade Quartermasters when I heard about the Gen, and I handled both it, and a benchmade AFCK at the store. I was really impressed with the Genesis. It opens much smoother, it felt better in my hand, it opened faster. Side by side the Genesis was the hands down winner, IMHO. If you decide you want a AFCK, I have one I'll sell you, and then I can aford to go buy a Genesis!
Ive had my GENESIS about 3 weeks. I use it for everything you can use a knife for.
Opens easily, great lockup. Carved pumkins last night was great for the heavy duty parts. Used small leopard for fine work. I cant think of a better all round utility knife than EDI makes for the price. I got part serrated coated blade. If I ever get another I would get plain noncoated blade. I think they look nicer. Also I have not needed the serations to cut anything, plain part does it all. I have used this to scrape paint, cut up boxes,trim edges off woodworking projects ect. then used it to cut up meat and veggies. ( I did wash it first ) GREAT ALL ROUND KNIFE!
Certainly looks like an awesome knife. Would I impress a guy if I whipped a Genesis out, or would he think me a nut?

The question is, would I care? The answer: if he was impressed, then I know he's cool; if he thinks I'm a nut, then hey, I'll know I'm cool!
Girls who carry EDI's are the coooooooooooooolest.

Now if I can talk my wife out of the SOG she carries into an EDI!

I'm not sure I could convince my wife to trade her Glock for (insert knife name here).

Since she's prolly gonna read this, lemme also remind her that Christmas is coming....
Better to shop early.

The comboedge Genesis goes pretty quick, from what I've heard...