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EDI's Genesis I disappointments

Aug 2, 1999
Just got one by mail. Major disappointment. Action so stiff as to be almost unopenable, even after a couple of hours of working it to limber it up. Sharp edges on thumb studs are uncomfortable. One of pocket clip mounting screws is tapped off-center, so it won't screw all the way in and looks tipped. Locking liner has such a sharp edge at right angle surface that it almost cuts flesh. Tiny Torx screws require a quick trip to hardware store to be able to disassemble knife to correct problems; using the more universal Allen-head screws would've been a lot more user-friendly. Tip of pocket clip points outward; ought to do a real number on the upholster of anything I sit on when carrying in my back pocket.


Tiny Torx screws require a quick trip to hardware store to be able to disassemble knife to correct problems; using the more universal Allen-head screws would've been a lot more user-friendly

Yes, but I found out that torx screw would let me tighten the screw more without stripping the head.

Call EDI, and say what you said here, they'll listen.

I had a similar problem with the Genesis 1 I just recieved.

I have the necessary torx drivers (15 and 6) and took mine apart when I got it. I wiped the bronze washers down and re-lubed everything with a teflon-based spray lube that is designed for bikes, but I use on most things. Once it dries it isn't sticky, so doesn't attract dust and stuff.

After putting everything back together (not a big job -- it took about 3 minutes) the action has improved immeasurably. I tightened everything down so there is no lateral play in the blade and it still opens with flick of my thumb.
I am not familiar with the Genesis I, but the Genesis II is VERY comfortable and simply a joy to hold. Is the reason for a second version of the Genesis these kinds of complaints, or are late-model I's just really sucky.


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When i first got my EDI genesis I, it was fairly stiff and the thumb studd kinda sharp.
i spent a large amount of the first day or so opening and closing it. after that it got _real_ smooth. i either got used to the studd or it dulled a bit, im not sure but it stopped bothering me after a few days(maybe it was because the blade opened easier and required less pressure on the stud)
my clip also had a problem with one of the screws, it was loose and i couldnt tighten it.
recently, the liner lock failed, and i can close the blade by appling moderate pressure to the spine.
i sent it back to their st. louis place(after discussing these problems on the phone) about a month and a half ago, and im awaiting its return.

despite those problems, i really loved the knife, but the lock failure really bothered me, and i got a benchmade axislock to replace it until it returns-im not sure which i will carry when i have both.

I had similar problems with my second repacement Genesis I in that one of the G10 scales was off and, on mine , that caused the off centre clip screw hole onto the steel.

Although I have found their the quallity control to let them down a tad thier customer service is first rate and I suggest you give them a call.

My replacement knife is a really tight unlock but I do not mind this as I use it left handed and so there is usually more chance of unlocking accidently but not with the tight lock up I have.

Craig, I have just re read your post and saw that you were refering to opening the blade rather than unlocking, mine was also very stiff but a quick tweek of the torx screw pivot had it opening smooth in no time, I think it is a T15 but do not know for sure until I go home tonight and look.

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They've had my Genisis I for two months (as of today). Let me know how things turn out for you. Disturbing to hear that Bagman's "second" replacement had problems. I'm beginning to get the uncomfortable feeling that the "Emperor has no clothes"