edit posts?


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
I have tried to edit a couple of my posts to correct typos or add more info but it wont let me. Says that I am not allowed to.
There's a time deadline for editing your posts now... that may be why... how long are you waiting before you edit?

I tried immediately.

Let me make a post and try again.
Just tried to edit that last post and it said I am either not logged in or dont have permission to do so.
OK now it is letting me.

How long is the time limit to edit posts?
Wow, that is a trooly kewl feature! Now the dorks in TGB&U won't be able to go back and change the lies they told a week ago to new lies!

No doubt that'll annoy people who notice typos in a days-old post and find they can't fix it, but in my opinion it's worth it.
Hmm ... I just tried editing a post -- immediately, and it worked -- but the new software doesn't add "edited by" to the post. I'm not so happy about that ... even if it was only edited a short time after posting it might have provoked replies already....

Now it's three hours later and I'm editing this post just to see what happens....
AN old thread recently resurfaced in the JSP BladeRigger Forum & today I edited my contribution from January to fix a broken graphics link. FWIW, the edit worked & the system did add "edited by" to the post.
When I edit a post does it change my time and date stamp? If so I think I just miss a good knive deal.:(
I haven't been able to edit right after posting either... Am I to understand I can edit after some time elapsed?
Notice I edited my last post to see what would happen....

I think I misinterpreted the time limit ... I think it prevents you from editing a post until a minute or so has passed, probably to prevent accidentally double-posting if your mouse has key bounce.

The post I edited above shows it was edited ... the other one I tried earlier didn't ... I dunno.