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Ego boosting knife

Oct 11, 1998
What is more of an ego boosting knife, the Microtech HALO or the MAD DOG Panther?

Anyone else have an ego boosting knife besides Mike?

It`s not fancy or expensive but my EDMF Trench Bowie takes the cake. I just love to watch people`s eyes bug out when I grab the black D guard grip and slide the 12"blued blade out of the sheath. That`s usually followed be "Holy... or Son of a ... or just F.....!"and then "Keep that thing away from me!" Heh,heh heh,if that doesn`t pump yer ego up I don`t know what will.
I agree with James -- a knife that you made yourself, or even just modified, induces more of a good feeling than anything you just bought. Or even if you only designed it and had it made for you -- I imagine Jim March must feel pretty good about the Outsider; I know I would if I had designed it. Same with Donna and Voodoo Child.

On second thought, though, I think the biggest ego boost I ever got from a knife was from the first one I honed to a shaving edge. That was a great feeling. It still is a great feeling! So you don't have to learn to make or design knives to get an ego boost -- all you have to do is learn to hone a razor edge. It impresses other people, too, when you demonstrate, but even if you never show anyone you can shave the hair on your arm, *you* know.

-Cougar Allen :{)

Ego boosting?

I would say the Spyderco Cricket.


Mouse Assassins inc.

I agree with James also, The first knife I worked on was an old ka-bar it was rusted and pitted with the leather grip in very bad shape. I polished it up to a mirror finish, put on a new grip, I couldn't stop playing with it, it sure boosted my ego!

Cougar's RIGHT

Except I didn't just design the knife, I designed the sheath too. There's a thread on that in Shop Talk, the design ideas for the sheath that are from me (sideways draw, "lack of belt loop") are released "public domain".

Jim March
Although I've only seen pictures, I'm sure that the MD Saxon sword is a good candidate.