EK combat

Apr 16, 1999
well I had spent 40 for a brand new EK combat knife with parachute cord handel and a 4" swedge.

does EK still make theese and are they good to carry ?
Are you talking about one of Blackjack's "Ek" knives? With a sorta circular logo proclaiming all the wars Ek knives have been carried in? I assume these aren't made any more, since Blackjack went under.


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I want to carry this one because I like it, are there any dealers willing to sell me one? and will any company make any of them later on?
T4 (you gotta do something with that handle besides flush

There are many Ek knives still out there to be had. The best were from Ek Commando Knife Company of Richmond VA before being bought out by BlackJack of Effington Ill. Both versions sport the classic wreath alluded to above. Some of the Blackjack production are stamped Effington, Ill. Be leary of the lower end models which have straight steel guards and brass riveted handles instead of curved brass guards and bolted on handles. The various models also were available with paracord wrapped handles instead of micarta, wood, etc.

I own a Blackjack Ek Bowie w/ paracord. Where can I get Ek blades now? I wanted a stiletto style/micarta model and now can't find one. I bought my bowie for $45 and should have got the stiletto at the time, but wasn't thinking. Any help would be appreciated!!
Good luck there are still a few of The EK/Blackjack knives out there at gun shows and flea mkts. I have seen the prices all over the board both low and extremely high. There is one large knife purveyor that is buying up anything Blackjack made and will not sell it for less than 10% over last recorded retail.

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well I had gotten the one made in Illinois with the steel gaurd and the paracord I like it but I want another one and I can't find anybody else in Omaha Nebraska who would have one.