Ek Commando Knives

Jan 10, 1999
Can someone explain to me where and when Ek Commando knives were made and how to identify the difference? I have several models and they all have something different--one was made in Effingham, IL, and the others in Richmond, VA (says so on the blade and sheath). What I know that Blackjack made some before going OOB, where were those made and what distinguishes them from an original Ek? When did they go out of production entirely--why? Many thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, what are the values of these knives today (ideas)?

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It's my understanding that after Blackjack bought the EK name, they moved production out of Richmond, VA to ILL.Official Price Guide to Collector Knives (12th Ed) by C. Houston Price is one of the best around (I found it at Amazon.com for $14.36) but a cheap on-line reference is E-Bay. Just search the compleated EK auctions.
Mike K.

by C. Houston Price