EK Vietnam Knives

Mar 20, 1999
I met someone who is selling 5 EK knives from Vietnam, they were used during the early 70s and all are the same. They have wooden handles and look like some sort of throwing knife. The guy who has them told me what he wanted for them but I have no idea what sort of price they should be fetching.

If anyone has any idea on the price of these type of knives I would love to know.

Thanks in advance.

It depends upon the model, presence of sheath, booklet, and knife condition. All of these make the price change. There are almost never any NIB knives, knives with booklet and sheath are almost as rare, followed by knives with sheath and most common are knives without. I've got an old source somewhere that talks about the relative models and values and I'll try to get back to you. Please e-mail what the prices were since I may be intersted in getting in on the buy.



If you can get a copy of 'The best of knife world vol. III' there is a good article on ek on page 159.it dosnt have prices because they can change (and the book is old now anyway) but it does have pics of ek styles including the throwing knife.