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EKA Nordic W11 - initial impressions

Mar 25, 1999
<a href="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/eka-w11_side.jpg"><img src="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/_eka-w11_side.jpg" align="right" alt=""></a>
The first thing I noticed about this knife is that the handle looks pretty wide, but it turns out to be very comfortable and it narrows nicely towards the end where you curl your fingers around it.
The handle has one cutout for the first finger and is checkered on the bottom only. I like this as it's smooth where you put pressure on it when cutting.
The edge is slightly curved all the way and ends close to the handle.
<a href="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/eka-w11_sheath.jpg"><img src="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/_eka-w11_sheath.jpg" align="left" alt=""></a>
The leather sheath is sturdy and fits the knife well in that it's not likely to fall out nor is it hard to pull it out when you need it.
The belt loop is on the small side, as it's a very tight fit on a 50 mm wide (that's two inches) belt. Upside is of course that on a narrower belt you don't yank the sheath around as much when pulling out the knife.
I have one concern with the sheath design, and that is that it's practically impossible to put the knife in or draw it out without the edge cutting into the leather, even when you're careful and look at what you're doing, much less when the sheath is in your belt.
<table align=right>
<tr><td width=70>
<a href="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/eka-w11_spine.jpg"><img style="vertical-align: bottom;" src="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/_eka-w11_spine.jpg" align="right" alt=""></a><a href="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/eka-w11_handle.jpg"><img style="vertical-align: bottom;" src="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/eka/_eka-w11_handle.jpg" align="right" alt=""></a>
There are thumb grooves on the spine, at the right place and not too rough.
The single cutout for the first finger is nicely rounded so the knife works with different grips and together with the narrowing towards the butt it gives a good grip in both directions. (I haven't tried it out in really slippery conditions.)
I don't know what you call this kind of tang: It's full all along the spine, but the handle is made from a single piece of oiled bubinga, so you don't see the tang on the other side of the handle. The tang/blade fit and finish is very good.

It comes very sharp from the factory and the edge bevel is close to the edge so the blade is thin there, which makes for good cutting performance. And as it fits my hand very well, I guess I'll be using this one regularly.
<br clear="left"><pre>
Steel: 12C27
Hardness: RC 58-59
Blade length: 111 mm
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Total length: 225 mm
Mass, knife: 0.161 kg
sheath: 0.099 kg

<br clear=all><p align=center>The box top:
<img src="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/tmpimg/eka_box.jpg" alt=""></a>
<a href="http://www.eka-knivar.se">EKA</a>'s web site.

Urban Fredriksson www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/
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