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Elishewitz and Ralph; Daily Users?

OK, I've been paying a lot of attention to these 2 makers lately. Let me start by saying that I am a "knife user", not a "knife collector". I own a Large Sebenza right now and am considering these 2 makers for a near future purchase.
Darryl Ralph's Apogee and EDC look like great users to me. Do they come in different sizes, or just the one size?
The Elishewitz page makes the handles of all his knives in the G-10/Carbon Fiber variants look similar. Also, some of the blade shapes look similar. The Persian looks like it might be a good all around blade. Do his knives come in different sizes, or just one?
I also see that Ralph uses CPM 420V and Elishewitz uses 154 CM (isn't this very similar to ATS-34).
Which steel would make a better every day blade? Which is easier to sharpen, which holds an edge longer...yada yada yada?
Finally, if you own any of these knives, let me know what you specifically like or dislike about them. If possible, could you post a pic.
I'm going to the ECCK Show in NYC next month and hope to see both makers there. I believe Alan Elishewitz will be there, but am not sure about Darryl Ralph.
Jan 25, 2000

Most of my purchases also fall into the "user" category. Here is a picture of my EDC. I was carrying a large Sebenza before I received this knife. Now the Sebenza is confined to limited duty. The EDC is that good. Much more comfortable to hold and carries easier as well. The Sebenza sharpens a bit easier than the 420V of the EDC, but I have only had the need to sharpen the EDC once. It gets sharp with a little work and stays sharp for a long while.

I have never owned an Elishewitz but have handled a few of them. Very fine knives, but I prefer the blade material and the ergos of the EDC instead. Darrel is quite accomodating and a pleasure to deal with as well.

I will build most any knife any size you want.
I feel its a sign of a real custom knife that is made for you. I use several different steels. Most are just standard steels that I keep in stock for customers who want something to there liking. I also have several experimental steels around from time to time that I test. Of coarse the price varies with the options and such..... like talonite ect.
As for the east coast show NOPE wont be there. I do the fall show in NY.

Next show is the Blade show.

Web Site At www.darrelralph.com

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Thanks for the reply.
Oh well, I'll have to wait till Nov to see your stuff. I wasn't planning on another knife till that time frame anyway.
Just for kicks, what's an approx price for a basic EDC with a blade about 3.5"?
I need some dollar amount as a savings goal.

PS: Sorry for misspelling your first name.

Here is what I am carrying and using right now:


This is Darrel's slotted carbon fiber EDC with a Mike Norris D2 damascus blade with filework on the blade spine. I also have a Dominator style slotted EDC with a 420V blade. I carry the damascus knife daily and have used it (to cut.) I will be picking up a 4" Mad Max at the Blade Show. Can you tell I like Darrel's work? I've BTDT with knives over the past 11 years and all I can say is that you will be better served (if you want a true CUSTOM) by Darrel's work. He's also a super guy to deal with!

Take care,

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Aw, what the heck...here's mine:

<IMG SRC="http://www.darrelralph.com/ddr/edc12/edcdex.jpg"">

This is one of two EDC's I have. This one's a DA, and the other is a manual slotted CF EDC very much like Chris' without a damascus blade. I'm not sure about Elishewitz's but I can vouch for the EDCs. They are definite users. Comfy and ergonomic handles, rides low in the pocket. The CF EDC is really light weight for a knife its size. Though Darrel uses SS liners, he skeletonizes them in a way they reduce weight but don't compromise strength. The EDC is just a stylish knife that also functions as well as it looks. You can order yours as plain or as dressed up as you'd like. And after a while of use when your blade may get scratched up, send the knife back to him and he'll refinish it at no cost. Add to all this, Darrel's a super nice guy to deal with and is very receptive to customer requests. Bottom line is you will not be disappointed at all!

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I am sure that darrel will tell you the same thing that I am about to. If you want to get pricing from him, email him at darrel@darrelralph.com. He will be glad to give you whatever information you want and is a joy to do business with.

Uh CPR, what the heck is BTDT?
Looks like the vote is unanimous on the EDC. That's the way I was leaning too. The handle on the Apogee looks really slim, maybe too slim to be comfy. Its blade, while asthetically pleasing, might not be as useful a shape as that on the EDC.
The Elishewitz knives are beautiful, but I'm not sure they'd be as useful everyday as the Ralph.
BTW, what length blade do y'all have on your EDC's?
Is the anodized Ti handle a Frame Lock like the Sebenza?
Very cool knives!
Thanks for all the input.
I'll start saving my pennies now and hook up with Darrel at the Nov show in NYC.
Been There, Done That. Basically I've done your research for you
Mine have 3.5" blades (I think they all do.) Get and EDC. you won't be disappointed.

I'm looking forward to getting involved with the Ralph EDC in 154CM, which I think will be available in April. Also look forward to the Nov. NY Show to see Darrel's wares.
Own an Elishewitz Djinn in the larger size and find it an excellent overall carry piece.
I have a small Apogee and I like it very much. Darrel has been very good to work with. The 420V steel I feel is superior to 154CM. IMHO Elishewitz is just a cookie cutter operation. He couldn't make me a left hand frame lock. Darrel could and did and didn't bat an eye. Didn't even charge me extra. And he answers his e-mails promptly. His work gets two thumbs up from me.
I am anxiously awaiting a 4" EDC I ordered from Darrel. He said he was starting work on it soon!!!! I have another EDC project he is drawing up. That will be my next knife from him, maybe in time for the Blade Show. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Apogee. It too, is a great knife. I just prefer the EDC.

Oh, by the way. Don't mention anything about chisel grind to Darrel. He gets a little grouchy.

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I got to meet Elishewitz and look at some of his knives at the Vegas show. I was very impressed the fit and finish was excellent. So far of all the customs this is the one that I am looking at the most.

Unfortunatley when I was at the show I was on a very short time schedule and I didn't handle Darrel Ralph's work, that and I only saw one of his knives and the table it was on was surrounded. I'm definately regreting it now as I don't know when I will get to see his work again.

Up until now I have been pretty set on the Elishewitz but after hearing so many good things about Darrel Ralph's work and the fact that he will make it with a larger blade I think I will have to wait until I can get my hands on one of his. What a pain this is, this will be my first custom folder and I want it to be perfect as I am on a limited budget.

My suggestion is do what you can to see one of these knives in person, Elishewitz had some excellent knives as I am sure Darrel Ralph does from all the great comments he gets.

Thanks guys, you're the best.
I don't know if I can wait till Nov to see Darrel's stuff.
Does anyone know if there is a place to see some of his stuff in the NY/NJ area?