elishewitz or ralph

Apr 4, 1999
first tactical or custom would be interested in opinions, also what is white knuckle test?
It's your call, but my personal favorite is Mr. Allen Elishewitz out of Dallas, TX. You outta go to his website and get yer self one. It's much better than the website. http://www.elishewitzknives.com
I believe the white-knuckle test is where you hold the knife in a saber grip and squeeze it as hard as you can in different positions to see if the lock disengages.
Darrel's new integral-lock folder would easily be my first choice, assuming you're willing to spend that much. The other choice from Darrel is the Krait, which is also a hell of a knife, but kind of expensive.

Elishewitz's stuff is really nice too, he's long been one of my favorite knife designers. His liner locks are hit or miss in my experience. However, his customer service is good, and if you get a bad lock you can return it to him and he'll fix it up for ya.

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I agree with Joe...only maybe a little more emphatically. Darrel Ralph in a heartbeat. Jeff
Joe, Where can i see Darrel Ralph's Integral folder on the net? Im really interested in it but have not heard much about it.

miarrow -- between a linerlock elishewitz or a linerlock ralph, get the ralph. but, between an "axis" lock elishewitz or an integral lock ralph, i say get an elishewitz.

just my opinion...

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You can head to www.knifeart.com, click on featured artists, then click on Darrel Ralph. You'll see an Apogee there. Or head to Darrel's page:


And poke around a bit. He's got an apogee pic on his web site somewhere.

Titan: You're saying Elishewitz has licensed the Axis lock? If that's so, I wouldn't say it's an easy choice between the Elishewitz Axis lock and the Apogee, but both are worthy of serious consideration.

Joe -- I read somewhere (heresay, I know) that Allen is considering making axis-type lock on his folders.

My opinion on getting an Allen axis folder over a Ralph integral folder is purely based on the artistry (i.e., "coolness" -- a subjective factor, I know) of Allen's folders vis-a-vis Ralph's rather traditional albeit proven design, rather than lock strength.

Jackyl -- I hope BM get's to produce your creation, and maybe they can call it the "Allen-Adam" Axis?
Hey, I like that idea!!! If they did, I'd be sure you got one. I'd ship it over their and all. Their are rumors that BM is comming up with the Ares Axis. That is why I came up with that. I wanted to bring it to life. -AR

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Jackyl -- or they can name it the Triple A or AAA (Allen-Adam Axis)!

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Both Elishewitz and ralph make fantastic knives why not both

one how one later decided on the ralph for now. thanks for everyones input. order from les's site waiting for cnformation, les answer your email.
The Darrel Ralph knife for sure. I have one of his Krait's and have an Apogee on the way. I have several of Allen's knives and have always enjoyed the designs but have yt to have one of his liner locks be right out of the box.