Elishewitz Persian

Mar 22, 1999
I ordered my small Elishewitz Persian directly from Allen, and I've had it almost a week now, so I thought it was time for a few words.
It has the Carbon fiber handle with the 1/16" thick titanium liner lock. The liner is blue anodized with a jeweled finish. The clip is also blue anodized titanium, and is mounted high on the pivot end for "tip down" carry. The handle is 4" long, and very comfortable, with 2 finger contours. The blade is 3 3/16" long with a "stone washed" finish and is razor sharp. The action is very smooth and the lock up is tight with no blade play what so ever. The liner is all the way on the left side and is pretty much flush with the edge of the blade tang.
The top of the liners have 5 milled cutouts for the thumb grip when cutting.
This is one beautiful and functional knife. The carbon fiber and blue anodized ti liners make a nice combination. It's almost too pretty to be used.
The only thing I would change would be the thumb stud. I wish it was a little "grippier", as my thumb seems to slide off occasionally.
I am very happy with this knife, and it is now sharing time with my small Sebenza on a daily basis.
The pictures on Allen's web site don't even begin to do this knife justice.
Thanks Allen and Valerie!
A very beautiful knife, and I've always liked the lines of that blade. Wear it well!