Elishewitz Polaris

Nov 16, 1998
My new #3 of 10 Polaris Collabaration of Joel Pirela/Allen Elishewitz came today.Have not had time of course to evaluate it other than looks.3 3/4" Damascus blade. anodized blue liners, and clip.Satin finish carbon fiber scales.It is gorgeous, and polished blade looks great.
Not more I can say at this time so I'll let the pictures tell the rest.


PS-If you have trouble bringing up pictures,hit REFRESH, as when they are busy comes up problem.

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I Could not have said it better.......

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Sweet! What's the story with the knife? Only ten with that blade/handle configuration?


Yes, there was only 10 of these made.Like I said it was a collabaration between Joel Pirela, and Allen Elishewitz.
The blade is stainless Damascus(Damasteel), 3 3/4" in blade length, titanium liners, and satin finished carbon fiber scales.
My first reaction was it is awesome with the Damasteel blade, and very stout.
A great belated Christmas present from Joel, Allen, and of course my wife who paid for it.


Ps- Sorry about repeating myself on specifications, but have not come down off of the high of getting one of the finest custom folders I have ever owned.Goes well with the Elishewitz Shadow I have in my collection.

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I have to share your enthusiasm. I got #9 of 10 and it's an absolute beauty. Wow seems to be the operative word every time I look at it, or when I let my friends handle it.
The specs were already given and you guys have seen the pics, so there is not a lot more to add, except for Wow. What? You didn't really expect me to cut rope with it until it dulls or hang from a cliff using that knife as a foothold to evaluate lock strength? Did I hear you say Spine whack test? You first

Joel did some awesome design work on this one and Allan didan equally fine job on the blades.

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Nice to get a re-action out of someone else who got one.
Until you see it for real, and handle it for a day or so, you don't really appreciate it.It grows on me more everyday, and it is one of the most awesome customs I have ever owned, and like you said, Joel, and Allen did a heck of a job on it.
I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine.
Thanks for the input.

well, there are 10 of them, minus the one(s) that Joel and Allan probably have, so there should be a few more folks out here with one of these beauties. They might just still be speechless
(Except for Wow!)
Well, I sure as heck am enjoying mine
Send it to me Larry, and I'll test 'er out for ya!



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No way, besides that I know how you like to dremelize every knife you get a hold of, and I don't want you hurtin' this beauty!!!!!!!


I'm glad you guys like your Polaris knife.

I'm also impress with the level of craftmanship that Allen put into the knives he makes.

From every angle I see it is perfect. Not one single flaw.

I love mine and using it every day!

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

Thanks Joel!

After the initial impression, I am now into the WOW factor like Arizona.

Again, kudos on a terrific knife.

I sit in my easy chair at night, and just open and close it, and admiring it.

I know you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine seeing as how you had much to do with the design of it as well as Allen.

When other people see it, I get nothing but positive reactions.

Thanks again.