Elk handle kitchen set!

May 28, 2010
I got my 13 piece elk handle kitchen knife set yesterday after 2 months of waiting. Very high grade and very nice to look at.:)
If you can put photos on your computer desktop, you can post here.

Here is a hosting service that I have successfully used over the years without any problems:


I use the link "Can't Upload? Try This." from my Mac. (The first screen [engine] doesn't work on my Mac.)

It's very easy and the site will walk you through it. :)
Lucky you Deerslayer!

I am still awaiting delivery of a Paperstone set ordered approximately the same time you placed the order for the Elk ones.

OK here is the first two. Go to your imageshack site, right click and copy the http: address line (same as links above).
Paste that link into the popup from the yellow mountian icon. If you drag your mouse over it it will say insert image. Click that and your on your way. gw


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It is nice to see that Buck has a kitchen set of knives. I currently have a set of Henckels.

Buck looks like they have a great set, my only negative comment is the color of stag is different in some of the handles. Other than that a nice set with lots of different knives.
Deerslayer, Great set ! I'm still working on those darn pictures so don't get down . Plus, a poor camera . DM
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My wife has a Buck Kitchen Set with paperstone handles and loves them . I think most women would enjoy them . DM