Emergency chat session TONIGHT.

...and now a Mr. See2 has joined us.

John Hollister sends e-mail and states that he will be off work and here at the chat at...0100 Eastern.
Chat is still happenin', folks. Our friend "KnifeBomber" from the Strider Forum is now with us. So let's talk Striders!
....and then the Judge joined us, and fq, and....then everyone left like 3 seconds before John Hollister entered. It was strange! But this was one of the best turnouts we've had in quite some time.

This coming Sa****ay night's chat promises to be the best ever. John and I are arranging for quite a few special guests. Lookout Suspects, the Striderguys are being invited! And Larry and Vince from BladeArt, and okay, yeah, even Tom Mayo. :p
You mean we get to give Mick Duane and Tom sh*t, real time? I'm so there!! :D
Invitation's out!

Just came from the Strider Forum. John has just put out the invitation to the Strider Forumites. This Sa****ay's chat could be CRAZY :eek: