Emergency Radio


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Oct 15, 2005
You know... I'm not native to the area of the country I live in now and it's been interesting since I've moved here. I've experienced one of the worst snowstorms for the area - 2 days without power. A very uncommon earthquake. And, earlier in the week, an unpredictable storm passed leaving 450,000 out of power - myself included for 2 days.

With every one of those events, I noticed that I was lacking in one area - a good radio.

So, in this thread I'm asking for your advice in purchasing a good/solid/reliable emergency radio.

My quick search resulted in good reviews of the C. Crane Observer radio.


But, I'm wondering what else is out there in a reasonable price range. Reception is important and I'd like it to be powered by batteries and hand-crank.

Thanks for any input!

I have one of the older Grundig( which looks like the same as the Eaton ) models. It doesn't have a cell phone charger or solar array, but that was not an issue as I have the cigarette lighter charger and battery tap. It has NiMH batteries, and I don't have any idea of their shelf life. I haven't needed it since the 2004/2005 season, and it did what was asked of it then. I spent a lot of time listening to the BBC in the glow of the Deitzgen oil lamp. The vernier dial was precise enough to get a good signal lock with the relative small collapsible antenna.

The Vector portable TV doesn't work with the change of analog to digital (I haven't checked into digital portables), but the NOAA emergency alert feature still works and I use it during violent weather. I have an older CB in the car that also receives NOAA broadcasts.