emerson comander

Apr 23, 1999
the knife i carry is a emerson commander.
i own the whole spyderco line as well as BM
and i like them all,well most.
but none deploys as fast as the commander
and it feels rock solid.
i feel that knife is kind of a sleeper
your input on the matter will be appriciated.
I owned the Commander for a very short time. If you pay close attention to the Sale forum you know how I feel about recurve blades. The Commander is a strongly built folder with excellent fit and finish in a production knife. Put a staight edge and more point on it and I'm all over it. I guess EKI calls that the SpecWar.

My $.02,
My commander is the best ,most confidence-building knife I own.It locks up with authority and easily opens inertially without touching the thumb stud.
I`m glad you sold your commander.I would have lost too much rebuying it,and I got what i really wanted ,a serrated black blade commander. Emerson is releasing a straight-edge commander this year .They should have prototypes for the blade show
Definitly "different strokes for different folks".

The Emerson Commander has joined my elite "few" (actually many), for daily carry. I actually like the recurve blade...I've never had much of a problem sharpening it, others find it too much of a problem or too specialized a blade.

The Commander does lack a good point at the tip, but offers a great belly and makes a good chopper. The liner I have on mine locks up with authority and has passed the spine-whack test successfully. As far as construction goes, it's built like a tank and performs like the heavy duty folder that it is. The wave feature does actually come in handy at times, and provides for a very fast presentation.

It's a big and overbuilt folder, but if that's what your looking for, add it to your inventory.

Straight edge Commander? I'm anxious to see that! Where did you learn of this new design?

The Commander has long been my main defensive folder and you're right -- the wave feature allows the knife to be deployed as fast as an auto. I also own the Emerson CQC7b, which, despite its heritage, I consider more useful as a utility knife.
I particularly like the weight and the feel of the Commander. Bigger knives just "feel" right in my grip although I also own and use lighter blades like the EDI Genesis and the Spydie Goodard Lightweight.

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Actually, funny you should mention that, Blades. I was messing with my Commander a few weeks ago, and a few of the other employees had autos and we had a sort of informal "race" to see who could open their knife faster.

Turned out that the Commander won hands down. By removing it from my pocket, it was already open, while the autos had to be removed, then opened. Pretty intimidating too with the "snap" of it locking in place.... I like mine a lot.


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Do I like Emerson Commanders?


I only have three of them so far.


Oh great!
Thanks alot!
Now I "have" to go out and get one!

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Spark -- glad you learned the Commander can win the speed race with autos and, BTW Mike, if you go to take it away, go after that guy named Blades -- I want to keep my Commander!

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Emerson has epdated his website. warning;the titanium commander is a typo.Don`t start salavating yet!
david baker