Emerson Commander vs. BM 730 Ares

Jan 24, 2000
I am in need for a new combat folder, and was looking at two knives; the Emerson Commander and the Benchmade 730 Ares. My only problem is that I can't find anything on the Ares anywhere. I would like somebody's opinion on these knives.
You should check through some of the old posts on bladeforums. The Ares is a great knife. It is a lot cheaper than the Commander and is almost as fast, futhermore, the Axis lock is not prone to being sticky like some Commanders. If you want utility, get an Ares. If you are interested in "tactical" uses, get the Commander. It opens more quickly and has that aggressive chisel grind.
check with www.gpknives.com I believe they have some 730's in stock. Of the two knives, I like the Ares better.

Dennis Bible
If you are talking about an actual combat knife, on patrol, I would opt for the commander because it is much beefier and more secure in the hand. It also can be set up to open instantly upon drawing from the pocket, without fumbling for the thumbstud. The 730 is a great daily carry knife, meant for the pocket of your slacks or jeans; it is lower-profile and nimbler and much less bulky than the Commander. The 730 is better suited for civilian use, the Commander is more appropriate if you are setting out to put youself in harm's way. IMHO. Definitely try to hold each of them before you make your choice! Hope this helps.

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BM 730 Ares and Emerson's Commander are designed for basically different fighting techniques. Ares is much better for fast precise stabbing (BTW - the best defensive techniques in my honest opinion), however Commander is designed for slashing which is much better in action films than in real world (just my opinion).
Quality is comparable if not on BM side.
Ares is lighter and more comfortable to carry.
Ares has Axis Lock - no one liner lock can compare it in strength and reliability.
Ares costs almost 1,5 times less.
Commander is somewhat faster. But think about 0,2-0,3 sec difference in knife preparing time - are you sure it is essential for you? For me - nope (just my opinion again).
Ares with symmetric blade grind is better for daily tasks, I can't to imagine the knife use for tactical purposes only.
I'm voting definitely on BM 730 Ares!
Or if you want to have the fastest and the strongest knife with similar weight and blade dimensions - go with BM Nimravus Cub.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland

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