Emerson "Commander"

Oct 5, 1998
I got myself a Commander yesterday, and so far I am very pleased!
The only thing that bothered me was that the ball detent on the liner lock side and the blade, As the blade came into contact with the ball detent upon closing, it took a fair amount of pressure for the liner to snap up and on the blade...This was fixed easy enough by putting a small grooved ramp on the blade where it meet's the ball, so now it slides up...Very smooth now.
Another note here is while I had the blade off to do this "fix" I noticed the ball in the liner lock and the detent hole it is suposed to fit into in the closed position on the blade didnt even come close to matching up. The ball and detent hole on the other side match up well, holding the blade closed as snug as I like.
I read where others got caught by that little "spike" just in front of the index finger at the base of the blade...well I'm no different...It got me when I was trying to close it last night. Not sure of it's fate yet, I'll leave it for awhile... If it happens again, off it comes! At least the very tip of it.
I got a pretty good deal on mine, and Im happy with it and would recommend it to all...I think this will be my daily carry from now on...At least untill I can pick up a Sebenza

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

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