Emerson Commander??

Jun 20, 1999
I keep hearing about problems with this knife, defects and such. Why is it that it won the best knife overall award at the 1999 Blade Show?

My poinion is that the design are very good, i love mine!
BUT, quality control at Emerson knives seems to be inconsistent and some(too many ??)"bad" knives have left the factory.

I think that this is why there are some "bad" press concerning this knife, if you get one that is quality checked i do think you got a "perfect" knife for self defense.
I treid to carry other knives but i always return to my Commander!!

Hope this helped some!

Take care and be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

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I too have heard a lot of horror stories about poor Emerson production QC. However, the Commander and CQC-7 that I have are absolutely perfect. No that's not quite true. Like all Emersons, the pivot screw tends to back off; but a drop of Lock-tite or teflon tape will solve that problem. That being said, the Commander is one wicked knife!

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I had one for a short while...
It was given to me as a gift.

I never even opened it. Sold it for a fair amount of cash that i needed badly.

had I opened it - I dont think I would have sold it.

Understand - I was in serious need of 400 bucks...

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

In the beginning my opinion was very biased against the Commander. However after owning it for quite some time I find it is the only knife that I find myself carrying 100% of the time. Now that I've given the knife a fair chance it is the only knife that I own and that I would never part with. This knife has seen some hard use and held up just fine. I'm thinking of getting another just in case i loose this one I'll have an immediate back-up.
Don't like the curved blade, but like the grip of it, very nice. I can think of things I'd rather spend $220 or so on - like a Project I
I just recieved my second Commander yesterday! Of all that I have seen, quality runs from excellent to ones that I would return if I was sent one. So far the two I have, are OK. They fit my hand well, I love the recurve blade and the opening out of the pocket never fails to get peoples attention! I took my first one apart, polished and jewelled the liners and anodized the Ti. I also resharpened the blade so it looked more "finished" now I'm very happy with it. My new one will remain stock, it's the Mil Spec version.

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Curious as to what you mean by "mil-spec" when refering to the Commander. You didn't happen upon an ES1-M did you?

I have had Commanders with poor liner lock up. Some worse than others.
I really prefer the Carnivour. Built like a tank, secure grip and rock solid blade lock.

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