Emerson Convert

Apr 16, 2000
I just thought I'd share this with everyone.Since starting school several months ago, I've had many occasions to use my SOFCK ot open cartons and such, and I always "waved" One student was so impressed with the wave that he asked almost daily to see it! This kid was a natural.I say kid because there is 20yrs difference between us.
Anyway this past Friday was his last day so I did what I thought was a good deed and and Gave him a 2000 Commander I had laying around.
Ahhh the look of joy on that young mans face as he shuffled out the door with Emerson Box in hand.
A good deed shall be rewarded!

BUT: did you give him the original, valuable, genuine "crushed" box to go with it or one of those possible "baggie sacked" soon to be forgotten pristine uncrushed Emerson boxes? :D
I hate to say it but it was one of those rarely seen pristine boxes.
Once he gets hooked he'll probably hunt me down and demand an "original EKI BOX" :D
Or he'll try and make a knock-off of a genuine box. Needless to say the box crushing technique Emerson uses is mystical and magical, and not reproducable but by EKI. It will quickly be spotted as a fraud, no doubt.