Emerson CQC-7

Feb 28, 1999
I'm so new to this I feel as if I've in on the middle of a story and don't know for sure what's happened up to now. Is the CQC-7, formerly produced by Emerson, now being produced by BM - it sounds like it based on the conversations? If so has the quality been maintained. In any case, I'm still rooting around looking at knives with less than 3.5" blade. I'm not much interested in the chisel point, but I noticed this one is offered in a spear point. Can anyone refer me to reviews on it, or toss in some first hand experience? Thanks.

All I can tell ya is BM used to sell the CQC-7, but no longer does. Now the only way to get one is from Emerson knives I think. -AR

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Jack the knife was the BM 970 and 975 first then it was dicont and is made by Emmerson Knives in a factory setting(not custom)....
It is a nice knife well made solid and east to take apart and adjust because of use of
plain hardware.....I own and use the spear point model and have another I will sell
cheap if interessted....Anyways drop me an email if you have any more ?????
Jack, I really think the knife you are trying to find out about is the Emerson CQC7. It comes as a tanto or spear point. It has a 3.3" blade, linerlock, and g10 handle. It's about $120 price. These are Emerson factory made. They can be viewed at knifecenter.com or a arizonacustomknives.com. The latter has the specs but fuzzy picture.


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If you look around it's on the net for $84.50

" I aways rather pay less then more "
If you want one, look around. I found a 970SBT, new in box, $95 bucks at e-Bay, without going through the auction.
Benchmade no longer manufactures Emerson knives. Emerson knives are built and sold by Emerson Knives. The BM models were the 970 and 975 (the 975 was larger). They were marked "Specwar" on the blade. Emerson markets a Specwar and a CQC7 now (totally different knives) with the CQC7 being an updated and smoothed up version of the Benchmade model. There are actually a CQC7A and a CQC7B. See www.emersonknives.com for more details.

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The BM CQC7 were marked with "Benchmade" and
"Emerson Design". I wouldn´t say that they never have been marked with "Specwar", but I´ve never seen it. Emerson now makes a model called Specwar that´s somewhat similar to the CQC7.
The chisels are useless but beautiful.
I have a "brand new in the box" Benchmade Emerson 970SBT - It is marked with the traditional Butterfly on one side of the blade and on the reverse with "Emerson Spec War Model CQC7"

A chisel useless? I'd have to disagree. Quite a few cooking knives I have used recently have been chisel ground. I have cut much flesh with a chisel. It does the job quite well.