Emerson CQC13 and Spyderco Chinook and Strider MFS FS

Sep 16, 2006
First up is a CQC 13. Satin plain edge. Light wear on the clip, a few light marks on the satin finish at the blade tip , not the edge. It is still sharp, thoug it could use a touchup. The very tip was discolored during sharpening at the factory, but according to Mr. Emerson, it is nothing to worry about. Locks up tight as a drum. Original box will accompany it. Pics available on request. $120 $110 shipped.

Second is a Spyderco Chinook. Has a collector number (087V), but has a grind on the top edge indicating it was a factory second. It is a little snug in the liners, grind is slightly uneven (but you have to look for it). Typical wear on the clip, no really noticeable wear on the g10. Locks up good, open and closes OK. Pics on request. $80 shipped. ***SOLD***

Thirdly is a Strider MFS. Tiger stripe S30V, Tanto blade. I used it lightly as a camp knife. Some smudges on the coating, might be a few light scratches, but the edge is perfect. Kydex sheath, but no tech-lok. Pics on request. $110 shipped. ***SOLD***

No trades. USPS moneyorder or paypal, and we'll split the fees.

email me at movsouth@verizon.net for requests and I'll take it's....
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Email sent on the Chinook...
Actually... I'll take it. :)
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Emerson is still for sale at $110.