Emerson CQC7-A drop-point: any opinions?

Feb 18, 1999
I've seen in a couple non-knife magazines mention of this knife. However, often a magazine review and forum opinions on a given knife can differ greatly.

Does anyone have experience with this knife, or handled one? Is this drop-point version double or chisel-ground? How is the lockup compared to, say, the old Benchmade Emersons? What is the price range? And lastly, the steel, 154CM(?), how does this function in the performance and corrosion resistance department?

Sorry, too many questions, but I'm curious about Emerson Knives.

I received a CQC7-A to see what all the fuss was about. First off it is not a drop point, it is a spearpoint,unless they came out with a version I don't know about.
The fit and finish left alot to be desired, the grind lines were not even (it was sharp though)and it did not lock up all that tightly.
In my opinion, the handle is too big for the blade size also.
Needless to say, I sent mine back.
James, i currently own an Emerson CQC-7 in the tanto blade type! It does not have the ti coating. It is in the bead blast finish which is a tactical non-glare finish. It will rust more easily than a satin finish but it will be more corrosion resistant if treated with Tuf Glide or another treatment. The lock up is not that strong at all but this nice is a good choice for all around duty. I would rather suggest the Emerson Spec War. I have that in a spearpoint with a black Ti coating! It is THE knife I take out when I am out walking at 3 in the morning.
Keep it sharp,
Dark Ninja
Jailhack and Darkninja:

I'm surprised and a little disappointed that a knife touted as being of a company that is "the best hard-use knives in the world," or something to that effect, would have such sloppy lockup. Especially with a liner lock, that is paramount, as the liner's the only thing keeping it from shutting (at least a lockback has a back spring, not much if the lock fails, but more than nothing).

I'm also assuming the Emersons are more expensive than the Benchmade versions. Thanx for the responses!
IMHO the REKAT Pioneer is stronger, more reliable, and more ergonomic...Oh, and less expensive.

For what it's worth, the only two Emerson knives I've handled (not production, but from the man's own hands) had terrible action (blades scraping the liners) and a poor lockup. By poor I mean it was secure, but the liner in one case didn't make it fully behind even the base of the blade and in the other travelled way too far over. I would hardly expect better from a company operating in his name, especially when their knives come at equal if not lower prices than the old BM CQC-7s, which were themselves the most defect-prone Benchmades I have seen.

Not an Emerson fan. Flame away.


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