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Nov 13, 1999
Could anyone please evaluate these knives' performance under the following conditions ?
1. daily use
2. heavy duty
3. hostile environment
( mud, salt water, ...)
4. military purpose
5. combat

By the way, where can I buy these knives
with the least cost? or buy them on the web?
I've owned both those knives, and I'd have to give the nod to the AFCK. Both knives are available in BT coatings, so moisture shouldn't be a concern. Both are G-10 scales and titanium liners. AFCK is ATS-34, CQC-7 is 154 CM which is a US equivilant to ATS-34. So, the only difference is the blade geometry. The chisel edge is razor sharp, but it pulls to one side. The length of the blade on the CQC-7 is a questions too, 3 3/8" versus 3 3/4" on the AFCK. It may not sound like much, but when you put them side by side it is. All in all, I'd have to recomend the AFCK. The CQC-7 is good, but it's surrounded by a lot of hype and it's not the most user friendly. I hope this helped.

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since the AFCK is in M2 the emerson becomes a rather poor choice. Chisel grinds do not have very good cutting performance from what Ive witnessed. Because of the M2 steel, the AFCK is quite strong. even with it's thin tip.