Emerson knives, any good???

Mar 19, 1999
Hello, i'm interested in the specwar, commander, the ravens and the new cqc7, i'm talking about the semi-custom ones, not the handmade ones, how are these, how is the consistent quality, how thick are the liners, are the liners thicker than bencmades, and also, if some one has a scanner, can i get a picture of any emerson, i want to see the inside of the knife, not the outside, maybe sit the knife on its spine/back, i want to see the liners, tang, stop pin etc. Thanks so much.
I recently examined an Emerson production CQC-7 chisel-ground tanto and double-ground spearpoint at a local knife store.

In every respect that I could judge, they were improved over their Benchmade predecessor (though someone may have mentioned a thinner stop-pin, I didn't notice). Construction is by phillips and slotted screws, so they may be disassembled or adjusted with a Leatherman tool (I have no idea what the warranty says on this). The slotted pivot screw is especially good, because it makes plain if the pivot is loosening by itself, which many do if not Loc-Tited. Handle scales were radiused beautifully instead of (often poorly) chamfered on the old Benchmade. I believe the liner thickness may be slightly greater than the Benchmades, but I am unsure. Both knives locked firmly against the lower third of the tang, and while I did not whack them the angles appeared good and I have seen Benchmade CQC-7s survive this test many times. The action was smooth and neither blade scraped the liners when in motion, something I have seen on both Benchmade and handmade Emerson knives. I know the salesman to be knowledgeable, and he also expressed that they were in all ways improved over the Benchmade.

I don't personally care this design, though the double-ground spearpoint fixes many of my gripes. But if you do like them, these are definitely "done right" and clearly superior to the Benchmade version while about $10 less.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)

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The Commander is awesome. The knife is truly built like a tank with thick G-10 and titanium liners.

The blade grind is consistent and the lock up is tight.

I've carried mine for over a year and it's given me no problems. The wave feature also makes it the fastest folder ever.

The Specwar, and Raven are also great, very tough and very sharp knives.


The Commander is my favorite from the Emerson camp!
Plus it won Blade Magazines knife of the year.

Also we are still planning on opening the Emerson Knives forum as soon as Ernie has the time and Reenie has his modem working again. Hopefully this week.

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I have a Commander,a Raven and a Specwar.All lock up tightly and my favorite is the Commander.It is strong,cuts well and is nuclear explosion tough.
Be sharp
Commander - ya gotta get it! I showed this to dozens of officers from all over the country while in DC this spring and it was universally liked. The quality of the Commander's I have seen is top notch and the design is inspired.

no argument here,the comander is one of my three favorite knives,and i have many many good ones.
on top of that it is my personal carry knife.
ernie has done one hell of a knife.would like to see the banana on the production line and with the wave on it.