Emerson Mach 1


Feb 13, 2000
Got it from Mike Payne today FAST service.
O K here it is.

3.5 blade
4 7/8 handle
8.5 overall
NICE feel to the handle.VERY comfortable in the hand.
I used it to cut the following materials today.

1 by 4 pine board shaved it down to nothing.
Cut the inside ring out of an old truck tire,touched it up on a pocket arkansas stone
Cut up a 5lb. roast
sliced some leather into strips,no problem.
slashed about 1 in. into rolled up newspaper that was rolled about 4 in in diameter.
No blistering to hand after all this VERY comfortable.Blade coating has some scuffs but no deep worn spots.
The pocket clip is standard,no probs.But it only mounts in one position,tip up carry.
There are 2 holes in the back end about 1/4 in apart for a wrist thong or what not.
Any problem with the pivot loosening as is typical of the Commanders?

Dennis Bible
Bladerunner, I appreciate your review. I have personally checked out the Mach One and I think it's a neat knife. My problem with it is the price. It costs $100 more than a CQC7A and I can't see where it's $100 better. It costs more than the Commander which is larger and has an extreme recurve plus the wave feature. I wonder what is Emerson's justification for the price?
No problem with the pivot on this one(for me)

As far as price goes,yes it was more expensive.It's not quite as large as a commander(a plus for me).The handle is more comfortable than the commander by a long shot(to me).With a little practice you dont need a wave feature,the thumb disc on the blade does the same,when pulling your knife out pull it outwards while pulling up and it opens as it comes out.It is not as perfect as the commander draw but it works good for something it was not intended to do.Besides when I saw the design in Jan.I knew I had to have it RIGHT NOW!!! Now if my Al Mar S E R E 2000 would just get here!!
Disregard, I was going to ask where I could find photos and information about the Mach 1, then I found what I was looking for in the manufacturers forum and it was too late to delete this post. Sorry.

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