Emerson or Benchmade!

Who makes the better production knife Emerson or Benchmade. The more opions the better.
Dec 5, 2000
Ohhh... this is gonna start something ugly... I can just FEEL it.

But, since you asked, Emerson. I have had zero problems with my Emersons - either with blade lock-up, or QC.


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Well I have never owned an Emerson, and I own several BM knives. Based upon the fact that they ignore my e-mails (support@benchmade.com)

Oh here is the e-mail I sent

"Ok this is getting silly, I own several BM knives including a pre prod run 710 an M2 Nimravious a 750 and I have just bought a Mini AFCK in M2.

Why then will you not let me register to post on the forums? You deleted my registration and my previous profile has been removed also. If I have done something wrong, at least tell me! What did I do wrong? I did not insult, attack or do anything wrong! As a customer, why are you ignoring me? Please be fair!

This is my FOURTH mail on this.


I was 'removed' for answering a question about the AFCK and explaining my problems with one...

Here is a link to show how happy I was with BM and held NO grudge with them:

And this link shows where I ****ed up:

A terrible crime to be honest I am sure you will agree... My AFCK STILL had blade play
but not as bad.

So in answer to the question Emerson because they can't be THAT bad for customer relations as BM have become. Oh and I am sure their knives are better made as well

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Better can be judged any number of ways.

I like Emerson better than Benchmade, but I own neither.

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Donno if you can find comparisons, probably you could

Anyways, since I own both, that is Emerson Commander and a few Benchmades, I could say that to me at least BM is much better. As a user knife.
I don't think anyone will argue that BM axis lock is better than any lierlock and Emerson's favorite chisel grind is not realy for utility use. Though Emerson's coating definitely lasts longer than BM's BT2, if that's a concern.
Other than that it's up to you I guess

As of QC probs, both of them have some.

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Would not own an Emerson.Own 60 Benchmades.Do not like the Emerson Co.politics.IMHO


have a"knife"day
BM is better than Emerson. I have read many post on this board concerning the bad quality control of Emersons. Do a search yourself on the prevalent loose pivot screw problem of Emersons. BM has some quality control problems too. BM also has the axis lock and offer longer blade lengths. I own 2 BM.
Hey Alex, welcome again.

This is like saying "which is better, Ford or Chevy". Everyone has thier horror stories about one or the other and will never go near the one they dislike again.

(I could tell you stories about clips popping off and screws stripping out, ect, ect. But it really wouldn't prove anything)

The easist thing to do is compare them side by side and choose the one that best fits your needs.

"rogue_spear" is correct. Do a search and see what problems have been associated with a knife that you might be interested. Then do a search on the person that is making the claims. (We have a small "Troll" problem on the forums)

Personally, I prefer to experience for myself and enter into a purchase with an open mind. As an example, a few years ago I purchased a used .308 Tanker Garand. Awesome rifle! Flawless! Matter of fact, it's on my "I'll never sell this rifle" list. But if you do a search on the Internet you find nothing but horror stories about Tankers and malfunctions. Mine has never, not once, malfunctioned. I'm glad I didn't read them before I found this rifle. Imagine what I might have missed out on by listening to "the Experts".

Take care

have a couple of BM (AFCK and stryker) and 1 emerson , a CQC7 - i personally find nothing wrong w/the chisel edge for self defense, but not much good for everyday - quality on mine is good though - very tight fit, holds a good edge - no complaints - my current favorite carry folder though is my AFCK - just fits my hand well, good knife for snap opening technique, really like it - you wont do wrong with either 1 IMHO, just dont pay retail price......and handle a couple and find 1 ya like <IMG SRC="eek.gif" border="0">
They both use similar materials (G-10, SS, ATS-34), but BM's got M2 as well. They both make a lot of linerlocks, but BM's got the Axis lock as well. Emersons cost about 50% more. I've heard about bad QC for both companies, but having had no problems with any of my BM's, for all I know Emerson's bad QC rating could be undeserved as well. I like a lot of Emerson's designs, and I really like the Wave, and I really want a Commander. But if the real vote is with the pocket (either by what I pay for or what I carry), my vote goes to BM since I own 7 of them and 0 Emersons.
My Vote goes with Emersons, I have a couple of BMs and 15 Emersons, but in the end the choice is yours,Do your homework
I actually own more Benchmades than I do Emersons. (That will change eventually) but to me, Benchmade is good, Emerson is better.

Emerson's designs suit my tastes better, they have the WAVE, which I am soundly addicted to, and I personally believe their QC to be much better than what BM has been putting out in recent years.
(That's probably an opinion that no one else shares though!)
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I don't own any Emersons, but I do own 7 BM and I have had 0 problems. All of my BM have been fine. I would say go with BM.
I have a 2000 Commander and a 910 stryker they are both good knives there are some things on them that look very similar i can,t say witch one is best there are so many diffrent uses for them i just orderd a 710 and plan to get a mach 1 soon
I think John said it best. Can't emphasize enough to evaluate what your intended use is; shape, lock, and size preferences; and then try to get your hands on them. Amazing how picking one up can change your opinion.

Chances are, you try the Wave, and you'll be hooked...
Hey there Alex,

There is no faster deploying clipped FOLDING knife than a WAVED Emerson product (Commander, CQC7B, SOCFK, SARK), period. The pivot pin can be adjusted to your desired tension level with a simple, straight slot screw head. Once you set it the way you want, you clip it in your pocket. The knife is now ready to be deployed. Numerous WAVES may loosen it up. No big deal. Readjust and clip it in your pocket. The knife is now ready to be deployed. The WAVED Emerson products are life saving folding edged tools, the best commercially available. They are not meant to clear bushes, slice tomatoes, or puncture pop cans(?!). They really aren't utility knives. They are true "tactical" knives.

take care,

See2, you think this is going to start something ? <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0"> Naaaa...

Well, tough question. I have several Emerson, and a whole hell of a lot of Benchmades. I would have to say that I like my Emerson fixed blades a little more than Benchmade, but in folders there is no competition....Benchmade all the way.

Dark Nemesis
Depends on who you ask. Some people like the Benchmades more...some people like the Emersons. I never had a customer have a problem with either.

They're comparable in quality. The fit in the hand seems to be equal for the style of knives that they are. Their edge retention is great and the prices are about equal. So don't let anyone tell you that one is better than the other. Unless they say Benchmade
hehe. (OK...personal preference showing.)

But...I do like the AXIS locks.

Emersons are very well known for having all the reliability problems that any line of liner lock knives are subject to. In short, the lock is subject to unexpected release.

The Axis lock folders, on the other hand, are the most reliable mass produced folders available, in my opinion, unless you want to include the Benchmade Balisong. They are a quantum step ahead of any liner lock in terms of reliability.

The Commander and Raven are great designs, but when you are thinking of the knife as a defensive weapon, the reliability of the lock far overshadows the nuances of handle shape as far as I am concerned, but everyone has to decide on their own priorities.