Emerson or Microtech?


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Nov 7, 2000
I am trying to decide on what knife to buy next week, and I have narrowed it down to an Emerson or Microtech. Which one and models do you suggest? I am pretty sure most of you know I like Spyderco knives the best, but I am working on expanding the collection with a brand I do not have. I like the MT SOCOM, and the Emerson Commander. What do you think?
Since you obviously like good quality, I'd buy from a company that has won many awards for its quality -- Microtech. There are just far too many complaints of poor QC at Emerson for me to even consider buying one I didn't handle myself first. (In addition, EK lost me as a customer the minute I learned that EE nominated and crowned himself the leader of the knife world. I sure as hell ain't following him.)
I have a socom elite and it is a real quality knife. I have handled emersons and they don't compare to Microtech's quality. Get a socom elite because they have been discontinued.
I have a Commander and it is an awesome knife to say the least, (i personally have had no problems with it) although I have heard alot of bad things about the qc at Emerson. With that being said, and also the fact that the only Microtech knives I have ever handled were the UDT's which by the way are f*****g awesome, everything I have ever heard about Microtech is good, I think I would go with the Microtech.
I have a mini-socom and M-UDT. Love them both.

Haven't played with any Emersons, but you really can't go wrong with the Microtech.

Emerson knives are great, but it does take some tweaking to get them in perfect working condition. The microtech knives I've seen have superb QC, stellar fit and finish, and are well designed. My new LCC is incredible, it's so well fit together I think of it as my folding fixed blade. When the knife is locked open it's so darned solid and there's absolutely no blade play. I think there's two factors: 1)which model do you like more 2) are you willing to do a little tweaking of the knife right out of the box? One thing you'll almost certainly have to do is remove the pivot screw on the commander and put some blue loctite on it. They do seem to back out very quickly. Don't worry about voiding the warranty on the Emerson by taking it apart either. They're not like BM, Spyderco, Microtech, etc. You can take the knife apart without voiding the warranty.

Personally, I prefer the design of the commander to that of the socom, but I'd bet the socom is better quality. You'll just have to weigh the factors.

Oh, and the wave is COOL. ;)
I would go with the m/t I have a mini socom and a lcc. Have handled several emersons. You won't go wrong with the m/t.
MT are awesome! I to would have reservations on the Emerson QC and as I am sure many of you know, QC is an issue I am very interested in.

What is all this about EE deciding he is the leader in the knife industry? News to me! What was said?
I think that the Microtech quality is great, but buying a Masters of Defense knife is like having a beefed up Microtech. The MOD Hornet is awesome. Check out MOD folders before you make your purchase.
I agree with Bimmer that you might want to check out MOD. I recently acquired a CQD Mark II and I am very impressed. You can check out my review in the Knife Reviews Forum.
Personally, I like both brands. They both have great designs and are both known for their quality. However, I would still stick with the Microtech. They are excellent knives with a solid lock up and come about as sharp as you could ask for.
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Go with the Microtech all the way i have never had a problem with any of mine and service is great Emerson will only make you mad when you get one that every time you open it the blade closes in a diffrent position i just don,t like them any more to many problems and to dame expencive