Emerson Production CQC7-A


Dec 24, 1998
I just bought one of the Emerson production folders. CQC7-A. It is was "sharpened" only on one side. I called and was told (very politely) that it is done so because of the serrations. Well, you can sharpen both sides, even with the serrations. Also, I was very disappointed with the quality of the knife.

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Hi JP - sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction of the CQC7-A. Can you please elaborate on what you do not like about the knife? TIA.

Dexter Ewing
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I played with one of them at the knife store yesterday. The action was very smooth, and the handle much more hand-friendly than the BM CQC's. My complaint was the size of the blade, much smaller than the handle. As I didn't buy it, no cutting tests, but it looked very nice.
ps and they uer standard screws, none of these tiny torx!
The Emerson Raven was a turd, but the Commander sure turned the tides. If the new CQC can live up to the sturdiness and quality of the Commander, then it will be quite a knife.
I took apart my Commander tool with both my Leatherman Wave and my Leatherman Micra, just to prove I could. Very field friendly.

Well, I don't feel as strongly about the Raven. It is a great little synthetic scaled knife with no liners to speak of, except the liner lock itself. But...The suggested retail price as being almost 200 USD, was totally out of line in my opinion. It appears and feels to me like a 100 dollar piece, and I having gotten mine for that at a gunshow felt okay about buying one. At retail, not no, but hell no.

My Commanders have a custom feel, smooth.