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Emerson production knives

Oct 12, 1998
What is the quality of the emerson production knives? How do they compare to benchmade and cold steel for example? Do you think the quality control of the emerson production knives to be consistent?
I am thinking of buying a commander (that wave and bladeshape looks really cool), but I am afraid I am very spoiled with my Sebenza and Socoms!!
Personally, I don't think fit and finish are
up to Microtech standards, and definitely not
up to Reeve's standards.
That being said, I love my Commander. The handle is the most comfortable of any folder
I've owned, the blade is a wickedley efficient cutter, and it's easy to carry for
such a large knife. The wave works, but I can take it of leave it. The lockup is also
secure and reliable.
The only thing I don't like on this knife is
the fit and finish of the liners, which have an unfinished look to them. It could use some
more polishing in that area.
Mr Blonde,

I have to agree with what mgkrame said about the Commander. I like it too and his reasons he listed for likes and dislikes are mine as well. The Wave is a neat feature, but I quit using it because I have repaired my pockets too many times now. Being the hook catches your pocket to open the knife, it does wear the material down real fast and may even tear your pocket as well. It happens.

I noticed last week that the titanium liner lock is starting to wear now which is causing the liner lock to move farther in. This I don't like!


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