Emerson switching to 154CM from ATS-34


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Dec 25, 1998
Has anyone heard that Emerson is using 154CM steel on all of their knives? Just wondering why 154CM instead of ATS-34. Is it a better steel than ATS-34?

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I believe they are the same composition. One CM154 was American developed the ATS 34 was developed in Japan if memory serves me.

Ken your memory serves you correctly. I wont speak for Ernie but I would beleive he wants his knives to be thought of a 100% USA made. You can ask this question in the Custom Knife forum as Ernie will be in there over the next day or so. Hopefully he will have the time to answer it. Maybe you guys could ask him to have a forum here as well! Start the thread over on the custom knife forum and not here. We would of course put the forum in the Manufacturers section as it would be more appropriet there. Up to Ernie though.

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History lesson...bob loveless pioneered the use of 154CM....it was developed for high stress high heat areas of jet engines in large airplanes.....bob looked at the analysis...thought it would work...did some tests...the rest is history....so then..as bob became well known (legend in his own mind as dirty harry said) the japanese began to buy his knives by the gross....enter the president of hitachi...big loveless fan... they talk...change a few minor elements here and there..per bobs specs...and vacuum melt for cleanliness (154 was dirty with lots of inclusions=read rolled in dirt and smog) and voila.....ats 34....when i first started buying it it was only 4 bucks a foot....
I don't know, guys, Blade Magazine says that ATS-34 is the newest, hottest steel to come along in a long time. I'll bet every custom maker is using it before long.

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I believe there was a time when US made 154CM and the Hitachi ATS34 were virtually identical. Then the government specification that was demanding 154CM be vacuum melted, etc. was removed. Since then it has been pretty well assumed that the two steels are still identical, but the ATS34 is cleaner. No little pits and carbon spots.

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I would have sworn that I've been told 154-CM is the same composition, but generally higher-quality ("cleaner") than ATS-34.