Emerson wave feature

Dec 1, 1999
Does anyone have any experience with the Emerson Commander? I love the lines on it, but I was wondering how well the Wave feature works on getting the sucker open on the draw?
How does the Wave feature work on the draw you ask........The best idea and fastest draw of any knife currently manufactured. Nuff said.

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My Commander opens so fast with the wave it scares even me. Mind you, you wouldn't know it from the grin on my face

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I have to agree, fastest draw for any folding knife. You will not be disappointed.

Jason Yang
Can this knife be carried in any other pocket besides right front?? And still be able to use the Wave. Just wondering.

The wave is designed to function with the spine of the blade against a seam or some sort of material.If you tried to carry it in a back pocket,you would have to carry it in the left rear or the farthest possible point back on the right rear to make the wave function.My favorite carry place is at the rear of the thigh pocket of cargo pants on the right side.It is easily accessable when seated and the knife stays in better shape since it is in a dedicated pocket without coins,keys,etc. Cargo pants are in style now and will not necessarily associate you with a paramilitary organization,unless you wear camo facepaint:)
Even if your mode of carry doesn`t suit utilizing the wave feature,it still is an outstanding knife and works very well just using the thumbstud.

I carry my Commander in my waistband, just to the right of my zipper. Drawing the knife is easier than ever, and blade deployment is INSTANT. I've actually deployed the blade just trying to take it out of my waistband at the end of the day...kind of scary how easy it is to open. I highly recommend the Commander.

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In the waistband? Don't know if I would want a knife that opens on the draw that close to my most valued possession

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It has worked in my M65 field coat but not always 100%. I' d sooner wrist flick it as soon as it clears the pocket. Just my experience. Oh yes, it' s the most ergonomic of all folders I' ve handled.

has anyone tried cutting the hole open on their spyderco endura, or any simmilar knife that is tip up carry? It seems like it would be possible to create your own wave like mechanism using the hole.

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I've thought about it, but I didn't want to screw up my Endura. It should work.
Thanks for the info.