EMS knife - Assist VS Meadowlark

Jan 15, 2010
So, I want a reliable rescue knife and those tiny little slots for cutting a seatbelt just aren't practical. As you already read, i've been looking at the Spyderco Assist or the Byrd Meadowlark rescue. The only difference being the price of the assist and it's carbide tip for window puncture.

Am I really going to need to tip? The Byrd is the money saver.

And I have to ask, any other suggestions for a rescue folder?
This subject has been done a time or two before but here's my .02. Carry whatever knife you like as rounded blade or not it shouldn't used in patient care especially stressful scenarios like exposing patients or cutting seatbelts. Which leads me to next recommendations trauma shears, they're cheap, have about 1,000 uses, and you won't cry when you lose them. As for the window breaking are you running fire ems or strictly ambulance service. Being a fireguy you'll have plenty of tools to break glass, ambulances maybe/maybe not so much. If you really need to break glass get a center punch and leave it in rig. Or google breaking tempered glass. There are plenty of cool and interesting ways to break glass without risking your hand . Examples being whip antenna from car, spark plug chips, etc.
What about the Spyderco Atlantic Salt? The H1 steel means you can keep and carry it pretty much anywhere without worrying about corrosion.

If I had to choose, I would choose the Assist over the Byrd based on overall quality.