Endura 98 vs. 840 Ascent, whats better.

Mar 19, 1999
hello folks, just wondering, i have both these knives and i personally think the 840s is better than the new version endura, the blade has a better grind, a full gaurd, stronger lock, bigger pins, and the best part of this 840s is the weird grib, some hate it, but i love it. I have big hands and finger, they fit the ascent awesome. What do you forumites think has a stronger lock, for instance, which can hold more weight before failing.
Rage, I do not have an 840s, whatever that may be, but it would have to be some fine knife to beat out the Endura98, sepecially if price is considered. For the price, I have never seen a knife that delivers what the Endura98 and Delica98 deliver. ATS55 is a great steel, the reversible clip is great, the hilt shape is most ergonomic, and the blades have sufficient belly to make great slicers.

Walk in the Light,
I replaced my Ascent with an Endura, so you can prolly tell which one I lean towards.

I DO like the handle on the Ascent. It fits my hand very nicely. But that's why I carry an AFCK too.

I have found my Endura to be a much more solid knife. I dunno how much that speaks of the Ascent line. I had two different ones, after losing one in a blizzard. both had strange play in them. Now when I hold one in each hand, the Endura feels much smoother when opening, and the ascent feels like a much cheaper blade.


I have had both. I bought an Endura98 and gave away the Ascent. While I am sure they are both decent knives for the money, I feel the Endura is better.

I don't have an 840, but I do have an 830S...it was called the Eclipse when I bought it.
Actually, in spite of the thicker pivot screws on the BM, I feel my Endura '98 is more "sturdy." Its action is smooth and when I close it, the blade snaps closed just past the half-way point. My 830S is tight and I often need to push it closed.
OTOH, I love the clip placement on the 830S, as it sits comfortably low in the pocket and goes on and off effortlessly. The Endura is a little rough on the pocket.
Lastly, I like the edge configuration of the Endura better, while they both cut effectively, the Endura makes a cleaner cut.
I like the 830 and 820, but am not a big fan of the 840, the ergonomics are really bizarre for my hands. However, it sounds like that's not a problem with you. That makes this a tougher choice. I like the blade shape on the 840 much better, though you'll probably need to thin down the sabre-ground edge a bit. But the 840 has a much longer handle, a big pain in my opinion.

If the 840 fits your hand better, and you don't mind carrying the extra handle length, I'd definitely suggest going with the 840. You might want to give both knives the white-knuckle test to make sure some quirk of ergonomics doesn't make your palm unlock one or the other.

Sounds like a good comparison. For me I like the BM Ascents better for one simple reason: MADE IN THE USA! That means a lot to me. I also think that the lock-up is stronger on the BMs, just look at how deep the rocker bites into the blade. ATS-55 is very similar to ATS-34, but you're paying more. The reversable clip mount holes on the BMs is a nice feature. I like the Delica over the Endura anyway.

OTOH - the Native is one sweet knife. The steel is GIN-1 (G2), but the ergonomics are fantastic! The knife is made in the US too. How about comparing this knife to the new line of Ascents (825, 835, 845)? If you don't like holes in your knives, these BMs (w/thumbstuds) are for you. The Drop Point style is a nice departure too. What do you think? I own both simply because I couldn't decide.