Endura (good value @ 29.95)??

Nov 14, 1999
Just received the lates catalog from Smokey Mountain Knife and they list the Endura at what they say is a 45% discount. they are selling this knife at $29.95. Is this a good price? Descrivbed as 4 3/4" closed AUS-8 Stainless. non removable pocketclip. Sounds like a reasonable price for a good carry knife. Appreciate any information.
There are a fair number of folks on this board that feel the Endura was the best value per dollar you can find in folding knives (and I'd certainly be among them). This is at the usual "street" price of about $40-$45. $29.95 sounds great! Do note that the knife Smokey Mountain advertises is an older model (probably clearing out stock); the current version "Endura '98" has a reversible metal pocket clip and an ATS-55 blade. Nevertheless, these are fairly small improvements - the knife has been Spyderco's top seller since its introduction, so you can see that even the "old versions" are great performers. I'd still call $30 a "steal." Go for it!

Yup...everything Corduroy said!


A great knife at a great price!
Thanks for all your input. I ordered the Endura plus a few more items. Thanks again.
Gort, what is their phone number? The Endura at this price is an excellent value.
At $30 a pop, they're as price-competitive as any practice knives. *hint hint grind grind*

Or, they're still wonderful utility knives. Great value.
For OP

Smoker mountain Knife Works

Phone: 1-800-251-9306
the item # is sp10sbp

Hope this helps.
For Doc Mac:

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NOTE - when I called I was told this is the price for fully-serrated only, plain edge is $55.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Thanks for all your response. I ordered and received my knife (fully serated). Very happy with it. You are probably right about only the full serated being avaliable at this price. Not that that is a bad thing. I love mine.